Review: YouTube TV tops our list in Viewing Experience

Published on November 14, 2019
Review: YouTube TV tops our list in Viewing Experience

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The answer to “AT&T TV Now” and the answer to Hulu and Live TV is YouTube TV which allows you to have access to a countless live programs at the most basic level of $50 per month. That may appear a bit steep, but Big G has done a lot to get this live TV streaming service apart from the competition to attract customers, with their cloud-based DVR, the most remarkable. We’ll tell you if your hard-earned money is worth it? The low-down is here.

YouTube TV

In 2017, YouTube TV was launched at a small number of North American locations, but this changed as a result of a large growth in support of the 210 markets in the region. This milestone is achieved in 2019 by YouTube TV. However, there is still a slight selection of channels compared to AT&T TV Now or Sling TV, but don’t let it deter you— their many must-have features compensate for their lack of choices.

Nevertheless, there are certain things you should keep in your mind. YouTube TV is an independent product; although Hulu incorporates live content into its regular streaming service while Google houses it on external server. Why should you care about it? Sure, if you want to use both YouTube and YouTube TV apps, you will need to install separate applications on your streaming devices.

Secondly, there is a somewhat reduced number of YouTube TV devices available. Of example, most 4K TVs don’t accept it, which ensures that a setup system with streaming features or a certain USB has to be connected. Well-known, Sony does not sell PlayStation 4 holders the convenience of using any other live TV streaming services except PlayStation Vue.

Supported devices

Although the supported list of devices is not as large as the sling TV, it is possible that you can run YouTube TV on a device nearby. It is available on Chromecast, Android TV, Roku OS, Fire TV, Apple TV, and Xbox One. It also works with smart TVs, launched in 2016, all of Vizio’s SmartCast TVs, all Xbox One and Android, all iOS models by market leaders LG and Samsung.


Of all the functionality added into YouTube TV, there is the crowd out: Cloud DVR. Certainly, this is a tool that the majority of live broadcasting services offer today, but Google has hit the head offering a natural experience–so that you can record all your content that you like, and store it for up to nine months.

YouTube TV also gives its users the option of watching the video remotely on different devices, such as most streaming services. Specifically, up to six sub-accounts can be created for family members, three of which can be viewed simultaneously. There is also no option to upgrade to a higher plan— so this is a best feature of three streams at a time, but for most families, it should not be enough.

Channels and pricing

As for program choices, YouTube TV provides many channels alike Sling TV and AT&T TV Now. However, the monthly price, $50, is the only thing where Google lags behind its competitors.

A list of the available channels for the network as of July 2019 is large. PBS also confirmed that it will be part of YouTube TV in 2019 with its full lineup of on-demand programs and live streaming. PBS Kids will also be part of YouTube TV. Just like many other streaming services, you can buy local channels too on YouTube depending on the region.

Viewing experience

YouTube tops our list in viewing experience. It is flexible, with a single interface between laptops, desktops, mobile devices and TV. Of addition, there are several minor changes to compensate for technology shortcomings here and there (for example, the title previewers will be network logos on Apple TV instead of the live video shown on the web and on the mobile), but this can be acceptable for the users.

Throughout our testing, the image appeared clear and crisp, but we sometimes encountered a resolution ramp up in Netflix-esque. But again, streaming service got the resolution quality back. We guess it depends on the on your Internet connection that how long the resolution will remain degraded.

Our take

YouTube TV is an ideal choice for YouTube fans as YouTube Originals are included. This won’t be a big thing for many people, but if you’re a content creator who makes YouTube originals content, it might be important for you. The reliable viewing experience across the entire spectrum, even on mobile phones, is also an important feature for those who travels a lot.

All comes down to the balance of the flow for everyone else. There’s a lot more, but a ton is lacking as well. To ultimately determine whether it is right for you, you will have to combine the complete list of approved channels in your region. If your favorite network is lacking and is not accessible as an add-on, you would want to move on Hulu, AT&T TV Now, or may be PlayStation Vue.

Of course, it’s best to find out if it’s right for you to keep pace with it. You don’t have to offer $50 for this, but — Google offers a free one-week experience to all prospective customers. For a strange reason, registering for an iPad or an iPhone — and even for iOS — will not give you the free trial.

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Review: YouTube TV tops our list in Viewing Experience
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