So here is the magnificent team behind Tech and Geek. Our passionate and dedicated team works hard to deliver on time and quality news coverage from various sections of technology like Software, Smartphones, Application, Gadgets and much more. Knowing about the creator of stuff you like is something we all like, so here you can connect your favorite author of Tech and Geek.

Jack Thomas – Editor-in-Chief

Jack Tomas is a Cuban-American writer, editor. At Tech and Geek, Jack manages all the postings linked with general news section like updates and recent happenings under technology section. Jack is also known as the base pillar of this online news brand as he is one of the founder members of Tech and Geek. He lives in Brooklyn, NY with his wife and two cats.

Category: General News

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Brandi Marcene – Senior Editor

Brandi Marcene is a tech lover with a passion for writing about gadgets. Having spent the best part of a decade creating content on various topics, Brandi is at home writing about technology, be it a review, or a comparison piece.

Category: Gadgets

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Will Green – Author

Will Green has been a blogger for several years. On Tech and Geek, he contributes his words under Software section. He covers all the news and happenings linked to software. Will is also an expert in blogging, SEO, PPC, and internet marketing, which has all contributed significantly to his success online.

Category: Software

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Adriana Ramirez – Author

Adriana Ramirez is based in Los Angeles California. She is a keen on exploring new applications and she writes the same for Tech and Geek. Here she covers all the coverages under section ‘Application.’ Besides this, she loves to explore food hot spots, movie premieres and much more.

Category: Applications

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Ashwin Singh – Author

Ashwin, a person who loves to explore different smartphone with different level of technology. Ashwin is the man behind all smartphone feeds published by Tech and Geek. He is the man who posts non-biased reviews of smartphones and provides an in-depth coverage of latest smartphones. Ashwin is an engineer by profession who has completed his bachelors in computer science engineering.

Category: Smartphones

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Jane Safire – Contributing Author

Jane is an associate author at Tech and Geek. She is a budding journalist who loves to cover technology updates on Tech and Geek. She also contributes to the research work for various tech news.

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Victor Philips – Ads Manager

Victor Philips is a coder by profession, he manages all the Ads over the website. Victor manages all the Ads placements like Google Ads, DoubleClick Ad Exchange, Native Ads and others. He works for various other brands in the United States.

Contact Victor Philips: [email protected]