Lenovo Yoga C940 15 Review: Smooth Performance With Flexibility of 2-in-1

Published on December 13, 2019
Lenovo Yoga C940 15 Review
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You may have to have a laptop one day to enter your weekly report, ply it in a tablet to make a few comments during a meeting, and then twist the display to view the Stranger Things episode later. This is the power of laptops with 360 degrees.

The latest Lenovo Yoga C940 15 is searching for more. You can now add content creation and light gaming to the list with options for up to 8 core processors, discrete graphics and high resolution.


You need strong, accurate colors, plenty of light, and great contrast to use your laptop to edit photos or videos. The best 15-inch laptops have great displays, including the MacBook Pro XPS 15 and 16 inch.

On our control system, the full HD screen is acceptable overall. Today, it is a very good display, but not always great. Brightness was 339 nits, but not much above our 300 nit minimum limit.

At 71% Adobe RGB and 96% of RGB, Color Gamut was all right. The Yoga C940 stands out when watching video. Thanks to the well-organized enactment of Dolby Vision HDR by Lenovo. Switch it to entertainment mode with the keys behind the screen and Netflix binging is a great experience.

Nevertheless, Lenovo has had a 4K UHD 3.840x 2.160 built in, which has 500 nits, with VESA HDR. I didn’t test the screen, but on laptops such as X1 Carbon and Yoga I consider them pretty good.


The sound performance factor with a better version of the yoga C930 Dolby Atoms is available. The development was improved, with the dual hinge transformed into a more compact one-part version. The effect is huge volume, extreme precision and extraordinarily strong laptop bass. To have your TV and movies in Yoga C940 you won’t require a headset.


Further 2-in-1s, like the HP Spectrum x360 15 which was otherwise outstanding, stand at the same Intel Core I7-9750H. It usually delivers a solid performance for photos and video editing. This is a 45 watt six-core CPU. My Yoga C940 test device worked well with this integrated chip and usually follows clamshell laptops on the same CPU as the Razer Blade 15.

This has been valid for both synthesis parameters like Geekbench 4 and 5 and for our real-world experiment which encodes a 420 MB clip as H.265 using handbreaker. The Geekbench 5 took less than two and a half minutes for Yoga C940 to complete. While it took 16 seconds more by Spectrum x360 15 and the Razer Blade 15 took 7 seconds more.

Yoga C940 can be fitted with the eight core i9 processors. Laptops like XPS 15 with the eight core i9 inside are significantly faster. The Core i9 plugging is reasonable to believe that a similar performance centered on the fantastic thermals included here will follow.

Yoga C940 does not compromise performance, it surely doesn’t.


I have tried out a few 2-in-1s yoga and one thing is clear. The business Lenovo is committed to making tank-like notebooks. The Yoga C940 15 is made of aluminum with no flexing or bending and superb fitness and finish. This is decent, if not great, than XPS 15 and Razer Blade 15.

This 2-in-1 is a small bling that keeps it in line with Lenovo’s objective to create attractive laptops that don’t embarrass you. I like the HP Spectr x360 15 with a much more modern, sophisticated gem-cut model. However, I also don’t like Yoga C940, despite its much simpler design.

Some rather narrow bezels around the growing 15.6-inch screen, featuring a reverse notch that houses camera mount and making it a little easier to understand and elevate the display, too. Spectre x360 15 has very large bezels in the top and bottom while XPS 15 has smaller bezels. The Yoga C940 is slightly smaller than both because of the bezels. If we compare weight of Yoga C940 with both devices, it will be on top because it is lighter than both at 4.18 pounds.


NVidia GeForce GTX 1650 GPU is implemented in yoga C940 15 like the Specter x360 15 and the XPS 15. It performs about the same as the XPS 15. Our game tests were slightly slower overall, most definitely because of the weaker Processor, we believe you will pick the Core i9 and have a capable midrange laptop.

The Yoga C940 15 is a fine laptop for medium sized games. It’s not as quick as the improved XPS 15, it’s a free feature.


Lenovo put in 69 watt-hours, which isn’t much for a 15 “laptop. The x360 15 spectre supports 82, while the XPS 15 is stupendous with 97 watt-hours. Add a few quick components and you can’t expect the C940 Yoga to continue.

The Yoga C940 lasted a little more than seven hours in view of our site benchmark which probably best represents the normal workflow. The 4K IPS screen of the Spectre x360 15 was 80 minutes longer with a solid 4 K OLED display, and XPS 15 was 9 minutes longer.

The Yoga C940 was able to loop a local video for about 10 and a half hours. The 4K XPS 15 is defeated by 2 hours, but falls nearly two hours behind the Spectrum x360 15. And the Yoga C940 has fallen between Dell and the HP in our demanding web benchmark that emphasizes the CPU, each lasting about 3 to 3.5 hours.

Final Words

The Yoga C940 15 is a2-in-1 winner, mostly because it offers more energy than in the form factor. The mix of2-in-1 versatility and clamshell is a perfect one. You cannot stick to the finest you can afford, but 4K is a workable option and battery life sticks out as one of the drawbacks.

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