5 Most In-Demand UK Tech Jobs

Published on July 11, 2022

The tech sector is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world right now. There are currently over 1.5 million people employed in roles within the technology industry in the UK alone, with that number continuing to grow year on year.  

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What is a Tech Job?

These roles involve using the latest tech and software to create solutions for business problems and individual customers. To work in a tech job, you’ll need specific technical skills and knowledge to do your job. A tech job can be a role in an industry that’s heavily reliant on computer systems and technology to complete tasks. Whether you’re working with hardware or software, these careers are in high demand due to the growing trends of automation and digitalization in the workplace. The tech industry is expected to create 2.6 million new jobs by 2022.

Software Developer

The first position on our list is the software developer. At its core, this role is about writing and designing code; You will create new applications and programs for businesses and individuals to use in their daily lives. That’s not all, though. You will also be responsible for testing and maintaining the code you’ve written to ensure it’s safe and secure. This is an incredibly diverse job, and you will be expected to have a wide range of knowledge and skills to do it well. The software developer is responsible for designing, creating, and maintaining all the software that keeps a business running. Therefore, software developers have to have a deep understanding of computer systems and be good at problem-solving.

Computer Programmer

While software developers write computer programs, computer programmers are responsible for creating the instructions for computers to follow. They work with hardware engineers, designers, and software developers to develop the code for new products. They are also responsible for fixing any problems with existing computer systems. Programmers work with various technologies, from computer languages to software and hardware systems. As a computer programmer, you would be responsible for writing the instructions for computer systems. Therefore, programmers must have a deep understanding of computer systems and be good at problem-solving.

Data Scientist

A data scientist is responsible for analyzing and interpreting data to make business or marketing decisions. This job often mixes computer programming and statistics skills, and you will likely work with data engineers or analysts. Data scientists often work with large data sets to produce new insights, which can be fed back into businesses. You would be responsible for analyzing and interpreting data as a data scientist. Data scientists have to be good at statistics and computer programming.

Network Engineer

Network engineers build, design, and maintain the computer networks businesses use to communicate with each other and their customers. This job can require working in challenging environments, and you may be expected to travel to different locations. Network engineers need a wide range of technical skills and knowledge, including hardware, software, and network design. As a network engineer, you would be responsible for designing, building, and maintaining computer networks. Engineers must have a deep understanding of computer systems and be good at problem-solving.

Web Developer

Web developers are responsible for building and maintaining websites. They often work closely with business owners and marketing managers to design and create new websites. This job requires creativity and technical skills, as you will be expected to know the best tools and techniques to develop websites that work well. Web developers often work in teams and may report to a project manager. You would be responsible for building and maintaining websites as a web developer. Developers have to have a deep understanding of how websites work and are good at problem-solving.


Tech jobs are booming, and there is an endless choice of roles. The five tech jobs we have featured are in high demand right now, and they are a great place to start if you are new to the tech industry. There’s no one ‘ideal’ tech job, though. The most important thing is to find something that inspires you and that you’re passionate about.

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