6 Essential Instagram Apps to Grow Your Following

Published on February 28, 2022
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With more than 1.393 billion monthly active users, Instagram leads the marketing world and has opened up enormous business opportunities. More businesses started incorporating Instagram into their marketing strategy to get their products seen and acquire new customers. There are more tactics on Instagram to promote the product and attract customers. But, to get the desired results, you have to make your posts more attractive. However, you cannot turbocharge your account without using the right tools. With the aid of the right tool, you can create engaging and compelling content that entices the users. In contrast, while sharing the content, you can take advantage of free instagram views trollishly, setting your business apart and bringing more customers to your business. Here have discussed the essential Instagram apps that efficiently transform your account and help you get optimal results. 

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Best Instagram Photo Apps

Instagram is a high photo-centric and visualized social media platform that gains more traction among users. If you want to bring the most stunning look to your posts, use the best photo editing Instagram apps for your smartphone. As a result, your posts will compete with the other posts and take it in front of your potential customers. 


VCSO is the preferable Instagram photo app, and for most savvy marketers and professional photographers, it is the favorite app. Utilizing this application, you can exclusively feature your posts using great filters and effects. Even better, this app makes your posts look more professional and appealing. This top-rated application is free, and you can upgrade to the subscription version to get optimal results. In addition, it will give you more customization options for your posts. So, if you have created more attractive posts, you can best utilize the services like Trollishly to build enough trust. Therefore, users will more likely rely on your business that brings more followers. 

2. Canva

Do you want to create images that will stand out on Instagram? If so, Canva is the app that you have to look for. Whether for your Instagram feed or Stories or Reels, this app enables you to create multi-image layouts, superimpose text and use a wide array of predesigned graphics. Therefore you can enhance your posts and bring the look that grabs the follower’s attention. So, if you want this app, look over its price and purchase it to customize your Instagram posts. 

Best Instagram Video Apps

If you want to create captivating videos, there is no rule that you need to be an expert or professional videographer. However, if you are an expert digital-savvy marketer, you should know about the trends around the platform and how your competitors are capturing the quick attention of the users. In addition, it would be sure that they are utilizing the video-editing application, which will make your content perform at its best. 

3. Boomerang From Instagram

Boomerang is an application developed by Instagram that enables users to capture fun and exciting moments. If you want to set forth your videos to the targeted customers can create a GIF-like looping video with the collection of photos. Get to know that if your video is completed, it will instantly publish or save it to post later. This application is free. Use this application, and to reward your business get assistance from a service like Trollishly that drives your content to go viral on the platform. 

4. HypeType (iOS)

Hype Type enables users to create visual animated text that is more appealing and attractive. If you explore the app, you find an extensive collection of fonts and animations that make it relatively easy to create captions for different parts of a video shot. Once you finish, you can share your content on Instagram without leaving this application. It is free, and you can purchase additional fonts to use it. 

Best Instagram Marketing App

Are you ready to expand your reach, boost engagement, and grow your following? Then, you already follow some strategies. But, the effective way is to utilize the Instagram marketing app that brings incredible followers to your account

5. Reposts For Instagram (Android)

Do you like to repost your favorite photos and videos on Instagram? Then, you don’t only rely on taking the images behind the lens. Already your customers post the user-generated content. So, you can use Repost for Instagram to edit the posts in the best way and at the same time give credit to it. If you want to share the image from other accounts, then copy the share URL and open Repost on your smartphone. It gives credit to your account instantly. It is obtainable free of cost, and you can use it in a reliable way to get the most from it.

Best Instagram Ecommerce App

Instagram is a great app to enhance your brand awareness, grow your following and sales. However, with the effective use of the apps, you can post Instagram photos to your Shopify store and let the customer find and purchase the product quickly. 

6. Instagram Shoppable Feed (Shopify)

Your highly visualizing Instagram photos is the best element to engage the targeted audience. It also helps you know how your products work and look in context. Using the Instagram Shoppable Feed, you can directly add your photos to your online stores and tag each product in the image. As a result, you will get the attention you want, easily promote your product and expand your followers. 

Final Takeaway

Overall, Instagram tools help create fresh content and give a new life to your brand. Ready to give a shot on your posts? Consider the above applications to show your brand’s true value and effortlessly increase your followings with the crafted posts. If you want to stay unique and competitive, it’s good to start creating your content with these applications.



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