People Are Ditching the Apple Airtag for £26 Alternative Hailed As A ‘Game Changer’

Published on April 15, 2024

Whether navigating through airport terminals or commuting daily, Bluetooth trackers are increasingly essential for travelers. These handy tech companions ensure your belongings are always within reach, tracking their movements effortlessly.

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Now, another innovation is garnering widespread acclaim, emerging as a formidable alternative to Apple’s offerings.

Unlike the compact AirTag, this tracking device is ingeniously crafted to slip into your wallet discreetly. Not only does it safeguard your cash, but it also monitors the whereabouts of every bag it accompanies. Travelers laud this diminutive device, heralding it as an essential stress-reducing device.

Priced at £26, the Chipolo tag presents a cost-effective solution compared to its higher-priced counterparts. While a single Apple AirTag commands £35, a set of four can set you back around £99. One of the most compelling reasons to opt for Chipolo over Apple’s AirTags or Samsung’s Galaxy Tag is its universal compatibility, seamlessly transitioning between iOS and Android devices.

The sleek Chipolo wallet finder operates through its dedicated app, leveraging Bluetooth technology to track the device and its associated belongings. Similar to competitors like Apple and Samsung, users can activate an audible alarm, aiding in the retrieval of misplaced items nearby. In the unfortunate event of theft, users can engage the ‘lost mode’ for items beyond immediate reach, triggering alerts to other Find My users for potential recovery.

Measuring a mere 2.15mm in width, the Chipolo Card can be discreetly nestled within wallets, making it virtually imperceptible. Furthermore, the device sends out-of-range notifications to your smartphone, ensuring you never leave essential items behind.

User testimonials underscore the device’s efficacy, with many expressing an inability to navigate daily routines without it. One satisfied customer attested, “I no longer fret over misplacing my wallet thanks to this superb tracker. Its slim profile allows for seamless integration into my wallet, offering peace of mind.” Another Chipolo enthusiast shared on Amazon how the device facilitated the retrieval of a lost wallet, even from thick mud.

While the Chipolo Wallet Finder boasts a non-replaceable battery with a lifespan of up to 12 months, users need not fret. Chipolo offers a renewable scheme, allowing users to return their depleted devices for recycling and receive a new card at half the price, reducing the cost to a mere £13.

Chipolo trackers are readily available for purchase online through platforms like Amazon and the official Chipolo website, where enticing discounts on multipacks await savvy shoppers.

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