2024 Fake GPS Software to Play AR Games Without Walking: iWhere

Published on January 26, 2024

With the release of iWhere, a state-of-the-art fake GPS program that is expected to completely transform how we interact with AR games, 2024 has marked the start of a revolutionary era in the rapidly developing field of augmented reality (AR) gaming.

As technological advancements persist in expanding the realm of possibility, iWhere stands out as a pathfinder, providing users with the capacity to fully submerge themselves in virtual environments devoid of physical restraints.

The days of exploring new locations or walking the streets to fully utilize augmented reality games are long gone. With the help of iWhere, users may experience the excitement of augmented reality without having to travel far from home.

This article delves into the fascinating world of iWhere, exploring its features, impact on the gaming community, and the ethical considerations that come hand in hand with this revolutionary technology. Join us on a journey through the virtual realms of iWhere, where the only limit is your imagination.


Pokémon GO: 

One of the most well-known location-based AR games, Pokémon GO allows players to catch virtual Pokémon in the real world. To play when the weather is bad, consider playing indoors or in covered areas where GPS signals can still be received. Some features may be limited in adverse weather conditions.


Created by the same developers as Pokémon GO, Ingress is a science fiction-based game where players join one of two factions to capture and control virtual portals. Bad weather may affect GPS accuracy, so be cautious when navigating in challenging conditions.

Harry Potter: 

Wizards Unite: This AR game is set in the Wizarding World and involves capturing magical creatures and artifacts. Similar to Pokémon GO, playing indoors or finding covered locations during bad weather can help.

How to Play These Games if the Weather Is Bad?

Unhindered by inclement weather, discover the world of location-based augmented reality (AR) games! With the help of the iWhere location changer, you can still play well-known games like Pokémon GO, Ingress, and Harry Potter: Wizards Unite even if the rain or snow is keeping you inside. With the help of this cutting-edge gadget, you can play these games in comfort in your own house, offering a dependable way to get the entire experience without having to venture outside.

You may take part in the thrill of catching Pokémon, capturing portals, and discovering mystical creatures all from the comfort of your living room by simply changing your virtual location with iWhere. No more worrying about adverse weather conditions affecting your gameplay; simply install iWhere and unlock the full potential of these AR games without stepping outside.

2024 Fake Gps Software to Play AR Games Without Walking: iWhere

iWhere is a revolutionary iPhone location changer that allows users to effortlessly change the location of their iOS devices with just one click, all without the need for jailbreak or root access. Tailored for a variety of scenarios, iWhere empowers users to manipulate their virtual presence, offering a range of features to enhance privacy, bypass geo-based game restrictions, and connect with people from different regions on various apps.

Key Features:

Trick Location-Based Apps:

iWhere enables users to deceive location-based apps, including AR games and social platforms, by altering the GPS location of their iOS device.

One-stop Mode: 

Change your location with a single click for instant virtual exploration.

Multi-stop Mode: 

Plan and generate routes automatically, moving at a custom speed.

Joystick Mode: 

Enjoy the freedom of movement by controlling the joystick with a mouse or keyboard.

Customize Speeds: 

Set movement speeds from 1m/s to 50 m/s, accommodating walking to driving simulations.

Play Geo-Based Games Anywhere:

iWhere facilitates seamless alteration of GPS locations in gaming apps, providing users with a unique AR gaming experience without the need to physically walk.

Import/Export GPX Files:

Users can save and execute their favorite routes by importing/exporting GPX files, adding a layer of customization to their virtual experiences.

How to Use iWhere:

This iWhere guide will provide instructions on how to simulate GPS movement with Multi-stop Mode using iWhere iPhone Location Changer. Follow these steps to pass specific places on a simulated route:

Step 1: Download and Install

  • Download and install iWhere from the official website of iWhere.

Step 2: Connect Your iOS Device to The Computer

  • Kindly open the iWhere application on your computer and proceed to link the iOS device whose location requires adjustment to the computer.

Step 3: Select Multi-stop Mode

  • Choose Multi-stop Mode in the second box on the right side of the interface.
  • OR Click the Multi-stop mode icon located in the upper right corner of the map.

Step 4: Add Specific Sites

  • Add the sites you want to pass by either entering the place name or clicking on the site with your mouse on the map.
  • After selecting a site, click “Use this site.”

Step 5: Start to Move the GPS Location

  • Click the “Start Move” button.
  • The device’s GPS location will then move according to the set route, passing through the specified sites.


  • Privacy Protection: Hide your real location on social media to safeguard privacy.
  • Flexible Gaming: Enjoy AR games without the need to physically walk.
  • User-Friendly: Simple, one-click operation for changing virtual locations.


  • Free trial is for only 7 days.

User Reviews:


I’ve captured over 170 Pokémon in just one week without leaving home. iWhere lets me catch Pokémon anywhere in the world. It’s so easy to change my phone’s location, and the export/import GPX feature makes it a breeze to repeat successful routes.


iWhere turned a simple Instagram post into a surprise birthday celebration! Changing my location fooled my friend, and I could plan and execute surprises easily. The app is fast, simple, and has given my friends and me some unforgettable memories.


2024 sees the revolutionary breakthrough of iWhere in the dynamic field of augmented reality gaming. With the help of this creative fake GPS program, users may interact with virtual worlds in a new and comfortable way without being limited by physical limitations. iWhere expands the potential of augmented reality gaming by allowing users to shift locations with ease. This allows for a smooth and immersive experience that isn’t impeded by inclement weather or the need for outside exploring.

The features, effects on the gaming community, and moral implications of iWhere are examined, and the results point to a paradigm shift in location-based augmented reality gaming. iWhere offers privacy protection and customizable gaming experiences with its easy-to-use interface, one-click operation, and broad capabilities, making it suitable for a wide range of user preferences. The app’s seven-day free trial offers an overview of its features, and user evaluations confirm that it works wonders for improving gaming sessions and crafting special moments. In addition to helping AR games reach their full potential, iWhere offers a dynamic, user-centered method of virtual exploration in the rapidly changing field of augmented reality. 



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