Rumors & Speculations About Upcoming iOS 14 Release

Published on October 28, 2019

Though iOS 14 is about to be released a short time ago, with the last large update of iOS 13, which was recently launched with many long-awaited features such as dark mode, it still has to release, and we are very curious about the features of iOS 14.

Indeed, Apple hasn’t even released anything in public about iOS 14. But with the result, and with the new technology appearing in the iPhone 12, we can predict clearly what’s going to happen with the next bigiOS update.

Some are obvious, such as 5G connectivity, as Apple chooses eventually to launch the next-generation phone networks with the 5G iPhone.

Additional iOS 14 features take some speculative leaps in imagining what Apple could do about its constant iPhone operating system improvements.

Beta Schedule and Release Date of iOS 14

Considering the big iOS changes in the last years, we’re guessing that iOS 14 will be released on September 19, one day before the new iPhone line in 2020. That’s just right for iPhone 12 to be introduced, which is the first device to receive the next iOS.

If Apple follows previous years footsteps, the annual WWDC congress–WWDC 2020 likely is in early May–it will probably reveal iOS 14 and will open the initial developer beta the same day. Later in the month, the first public beta follows, meaning that Betas will be available after developer versions.


Although when Apple released IOS 12 it didn’t leave any phones, the first jump to iOS 13 saw two generations of iPhone handsets–something older than iPod SE and iPhone 6S.The new features that Apple needs to raise the band to enable iOS phones to download the new version of iOS are unclear, so all speculation is whether an older iPhone generation will be able to install iOS 14?

We will almost certainly know which iPhones can’t upgrade when the first iOS-14 betas will be launched by Apple. Our best guess at present is the cut-off point for the iPhone 7: Will the iOS 14 be revised for the iPhone SE? In March 2020, reports from iPhone SE 2 lead us to believe it won’t.

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The iOS 14 & 5G

It would be easier for Apple to merge into the operating system in 2020. Sadly, as seen from other 5G devices, this feature can’t be used retroactively on older iPhones, since the 5G hookup on networks requires a certain modem type and compatible processors. The most updated modems and chipsets could only use 5G on the latest phones.

Compatible with Apple AR Glasses

According to a Bloomberg article, Apple plans to release AR glasses with a 5G iPhone in 2020. Originally, this would be an iPhone peripheral that runs on the iOS for text messages and the map address. But, it could grow over time to run its own private apps from a dedicated AR glasses –and maybe become an actual iPhone successor.

Yet Apple’s AR lenses would need a advanced software as their reason for existence, or rather, reason for purchase, as we can learn from Google Glasses’ poor reception and also from Snapchat Spectacles 2. Amazon also lies behind an ambitious product line behind its latest Amazon Echo Frames that makes ways to the rumors.

However, given the years of experience of Apple developers with the ARKit, it would not be surprising if 2020 were to be the year in which we see Apple for intelligent products, and iOS 14 could support it.

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What Do We Want to See?

Smart Composition

Everybody does business on their telephones these days, including sending email every hour. So why can’t we include text links in the iOS mail client? Or mail clients like Gmail from third parties?

It is not only a comfort problem–it only looks more professional to add links. It’s great to give the impression that we answer from desks when we react to our clients or want to save space-and not to full our messages with eyes like full links.

Smarter Spam Calls Filter

While iOS 13 introduced spam detection and blocking, it was not too clever. Silence Unknown Callers, as it is called, does just that-blocks every number from your contact list completely and sends it directly to voicemail. This is a good start, but a little bit of a strong measure that doesn’t help people with new business contacts or dates.

It would be nice to see smarter spam calls filter instead to see smart warnings that display likely spam calls, as some carriers have begun to do, and some third party apps in the App Store do–at a cost. It is good to have different levels of filtering, with only the most apparent spam numbers blocking until any call has an aggression.

Foldable Support

It’s a bit long since we haven’t heard of a foldable iPhone. Apple’s experimenting almost certainly with technology in its R&D labs, but it’s unlikely that iOS14 will support foldable without an intended model at work.

This strongly contrasted with Android, which just in time for the public release of Samsung’s Galaxy Fold began Android 10 folding support. Apple has a time schedule of its own, and before using a prototype, the function of its operating system can be implemented quickly.

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Rumors & Speculations About Upcoming iOS 14 Release
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