iPhone 12 Rumors That We Have Heard So Far

Published on September 22, 2019
iPhone 12 Rumors That We Heard So Far

iPhone 12 Rumors That We Heard So Far: Image Source

Apart from being on a deal for the Apple’s iPhone 11 Max, iPhone, 11 Pro, and iPhone 11, all eyes are on the 2020 handsets of the Cupertino Company. 2020’s iPhones are supposed to be Apple’s first compatibility with 5G. On the least of these shows, one of the 2020 iPhone will definitely have 5G. Moreover, all iPhones coming out in 2020 can expect the lead in 5G. Rumors point to Samsung and Qualcomm as providers of modems, with Apple trying to deliver its own 5G chips over the long run (despite the fact that these chips will certainly not be developed until 2020).

It is still early, and between now and the end of another year much can change. Still, we have heard about Apple’s plans to start with 5G iPhone on some points of interest. This is what the rumor about the iPhone 12 is saying:

5G in iPhone 12

Ming Chi Kuo analyst predicts three different iPhone models in 2020: one 5.4 inch~14 cm, one 6.1 inch, ~16 cm, and the largest 6.7 inch~18 cm variant.

Kuo said that 5G will feature only in 5.4-and 6.7-inch models, while Apple’s iPhone XR and iPhone11 will have 6.1-inch display by 2020 and stick to LTE. Apple recently purchased Intel’s smart modem and showed interest in AR. That means there is a fair chance of witnessing 5G in all three versions of iPhone12 in 2020.

Kuo has now revised this prediction: these three phones should also be equipped with OLED displays, which means that 2019 could be Apple’s last year iPhone with a new LCD. An LCD screen is rumored to be installed on the sequel to the iPhone XS 2019.

With much more usable display real estate than the SE, Apple is likely to have the 5.4-inch 2020 iPhone somewhere in the middle, thanks to the slim bezel design from the newer full screen.

Sub-65GHz and mmWave Supported in iPhone 12

With growing 5G technology, two different types of 5G networks are supposed to appear: a sub-65GHz and millimeter wave (mmWave).

Currently, only the mmWave has the majority of the 5G networks introduced in the United States. The latencies of this type of gigabit-sized infrastructure are extremely low and the sensitivity to extreme physical obstruction is guaranteed. On the other hand, the Sub-6-GHz spectrum is much more like conventional LTE networks because it is significantly slower but able to penetrate buildings and walls.

The only 5G smartphones available today in the US are LG V50 ThinQ 5G and Samsung Galaxy S10 5G. Both smartphones are connected to the Qualcomm X50 5G modem to mmWave networks. The X55 is a next 5G modem that supports sub-65GHz. Hence, we can conclude that upcoming mobiles will have a strong hold on 5G range regardless of the specifications.


We still know little about Apple’s next-generation handsets except for phone size and 5G integration. But we have a little insight into what Apple has planned for this year’s device batch.

Given that the successors of iPhone XS and XS Max are expected to use3-lens rear cameras on Apple hardware for the first time this year, it is expected that these versions will continue to have it in 2020. The iPhone 12 is also expected to add a new lens— a flight time sensor.

A flight time sensor can measure distances more precisely. This helps to improve portrait shots of bokehs. That implies, too, that iPhone 12 can better sustain the enhanced Apple applications, which in latest years have been increasingly important.

Kuo’s report repeats the January article by Bloomberg, which claimed that Apple could insert deep sensor flight time cameras on its 2020 grid that scans entire rooms.

Rumored Features in iPhone12 2020

More than once it has been reported that this year’s iPhones would say 3D Touch that allows for pressurized contextual action on current models. However, by allowing fingerprint recognition to be displayed anywhere with information provided by Barclays analysts for MacRumors, Apple will be able to return the Touch ID in a significant way in 2020.

Ming-Chi Kuo said more recently, 2021 iPhones may have both Face ID and Touch ID. As for its 2020 iPhone look, the level that is now as familiar as it could be released on Apple’s iPhone X. A report from the China Times states that Apple wants to move from scratch, and while Credit Suisse analysts say that the first free iPhone will happen by 2021, the first one could arrive in 2020 in the long run.

The display of the iPhone 12 could help to improve many smartphones on screens.

iPhone 12 Release Date

If you are trying to figure out when Apple’s 5 G capable iPhones arrive, we are confident that you will contribute in one of the 18 months calendars. The iPhone 11 line-up was debuted on the occasion of the Apple press on September 10 and is thus justified in taking the iPhone 12 in September 2020.

There is always the plausibility that in 2020 Apple would go with a prior delivery to maintain a strategic distance to lose as well as a lot for equal phone developers that have already produced 5G models. This, however, would be an odd move for Apple.

Expected Price

Most 5G-powered phones are costly, including some hidden costs, as opposed to conventional models this year. For example, the Galaxy S10 5G starts at $1,299—a $300 premium over the costly Galaxy S10+. The new Galaxy Note 10 Plus 5G, which has recently been released, is additionally costing $1,299, and costing $200 than the standard Galaxy Note 10.

Apple could take advantage of the chance that it hung tight for its 5G phone in 2020, given that the cost of 5G mobiles would have decreased by that point, with the aim that Apple would release the iPhone 12 at a cost similar to the present-day iPhone. Now, despite that, it is a complete theory.

5G networks are also more extensive than they are, with a 5G coverage in just a few cities limited to select neighbors. LG, Samsung and other smartphone giants may have taken a lead however, iPhone 12 can be reached to more people if we believe the above rumors.

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iPhone 12 Rumors That We Heard So Far
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