Oppo A9 2020 Review: Best Budget Phone With All Features You Need

Published on December 15, 2019
Oppo A9 2020 Review: Best Budget Phone With All Features You Need
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The Oppo A9 2020 is one of the best affordable telephones for those who watch a lot of video and is still an option for most people with a limited budget with an almost indefinitely long battery and good specifications.

The Oppo A9 2020 is an inexpensive, large-scale smartphone. It comes with four rear cameras, a large screen, an even bigger battery and a lot of memory. Almost shockingly good on paper seems Oppo A9 2020, but three clear shortfalls are evident. Oppo A9 2020 is priced at $250 which is very economical price as compared to other phones with same specs and features.

This is one of the best budget devices for those who want to use video streaming and games to reach their home or work. It has a large screen and battery life to perform these tasks.


Oppo A9 2020 could be a more expensive phone. The back looks almost like curved glass and has a soft responding surface. Like some older mobile devices, a color shift ‘S’ snakes across the light line. The screen is also big and compact.

If you pick up Oppo A9 2020, this idea is largely lost. Back and side of phone is made using plastic. You can just point out that the back isn’t mirror.

The Oppo A9 2020 has rounded sides to make you feel comfortable, but it does not appear as classic as the Reno 2 by Oppo. But the cost for the phone is double, and even Motorola has come back this year in the Moto G8 Plus to use rear plastic instead of glass.

The large screen and battery may be heavy for some of you but Oppo has built a device keeping budget in mind. It is 9.1 millimeter thick as well, although this is offset by the subtle curvature of the sides.

If you are using the optional silicone case, the use of plastic would stop so you therefore should use a case. The packed one is not as good as the one with the Reno 2 Z and Reno2.

The acrylic silicone becomes steeper, and the absence of precise design contributes to the failure of the power button. This is odd and causes us to delete it case.

Fortunately, Oppo did not mess up the protector on the screen. A plastic protector is installed in the plant, as with most other Oppo products. It avoids the phone to get scratches in two days.

As with almost every phone at the price, the Oppo A9 2020 lacks water resistance. We mistakenly dipped the bottom of the device in water and it still functions well, but that indicates nothing more than that the interaction with the any fluid will not burst.

There is also no NFC, which you need to pay without cash. These two features are however wise omissions for such a phone.


A very wide 6.5-inch screen for the Oppo A9 2020 has been installed. It’s much larger than the 6.3-inch screen of the Moto G8 Plus.

You’ll notice that it’s not a full HD screen if you want problems. This is a screen of 720x 1600 pixels. Nonetheless, the first weakness we found was something else. The color temperature of Oppo A9 2020 is rather low, rendering the only-fine color saturation worse.

This is not a match for high-end mobiles in its color reproduction, but it gives a better nature to the screen. The lower pixel density is more evident than the Samsung Galaxy 10 with about 10 percent more pixels each side. Nevertheless, it usually occurs in slightly soft texts rather than in hard pixels.

Thanks to the outstanding scaling performance of Android and the screen is advanced sufficiently to make the pixel form clear.

When it’s created from these few pixels, in old versions of Android text would get hideous and blockened.

We would definitely like a full HD display, but that is the task of Oppo Reno Z. However, most notably, we needed 720p+ LCD than the OLED 720p+.

Pixels in which subpixels are exchanged between pixels are used by OLED displays for devices. It suggests that the high pixel visibility we see here, in an OLED with the same resolution is simply not possible.

It is also important to understand what Oppo A9 2020 will do for sure. Such a 720p+ screen is ideal for streaming YouTube. Video footage still looks great at this resolution, and the huge screen is more enjoyable to watch video. This screen we figured we wouldn’t like, but we really like it a lot.


There are many cameras on this Oppo A9 2020, four at the rear and one for selfies. There are two lenses that have very low-end technology, just a 2MP lens, but it is suitable to give a break to a device like this.

A 48MP sensor and an f/1.8-lens are fitted to the main camera. This second camera features ultra-wide 8MP sensor with two 2 MP lenses used to make black and white photographs as well as depth shots.

The Oppo A9 2020 portrait blurring for background is actually quite good given the use of a low-quality depth sensor.


One of the best reasons for Oppo A9 2020’s purchase is battery life. There is a large battery of 5,000 mAh and Oppo has kept an entirely normal mobile shape and size.

We love a mobile, as heavy users, even in days when we have the time to kill cars, watching YouTube or playing games. One of these devices is the Oppo A9 2020. We checked Google Pixel 4 XL a while later, and even in that larger version Oppo beats Google’s much more expensive power supply device.

Final Words

The Oppo A9 2020 is an outstanding smartphone for practical hounds that do not wish to spend too much. This is also one of the best-paying devices for people streaming loads of content. It may not be the perfect screen, but is large and luminous and can be rewarded by the battery of the odd trip through YouTube.

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