Premium Malwarebytes Review: Faster, Simpler But Not Perfect

Published on December 28, 2019
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The free application for macOS by Malwarebytes has been an appropriate way since 2015 to delete malware from your MacBook, but its paid version provides enough reasons to pay?

The Malwarebytes detection capabilities have not been independently verified while providing standard features of any decent antivirus package, and other Mac antivirus products have lower system impact.

The best feature of Malwarebytes is a superfast search method, the fastest in the industry. Nonetheless, we cannot include it among the strongest Mac anti-virus software, because of the absence of independent tests.

What’s covered in premium cost?

Mac Premium’s Malwarebytes costs $39.99 for one single system per year and must operate at or after macOS 10.10. For a further $10 per year, extra device licenses are available, up to 10 total licenses.

If you download and install the free Mac Malwarebytes, you’ll get a 14-day preview of Mac Premium Malwarebytes. The latter is an impressive clean-up tool, but do not rely on it to prevent infections of ransomware — it just prevents adware, viruses and unwanted programs on your Mac.

Protect from what?

Free or Premium Malwarebytes use rules-based protection to track ransomware, to scan for unique malicious software features and actions. It also uses traditional malware scans dependent on signature.

What it detects?

Neither of the independent testing laboratories for antiviruses, whose results we normally rely on, have tested Malwarebytes with Mac Premium since mid-2017 at least.

The Bitdefender, Mac Kaspersky Internet Security, and Avast Free Mac Safety have all linked 100% of AV-Comparatives’ trial in June 2019, while the April / May 2019 Apple research also given 100% to Bitdefender, Avast, Norton 360 Deluxe, and Kaspersky.

Privacy & Security Features

With a no-frills kit focused on malware combat, Mac premium Malwarebytes keeps things straight and simple. That is, you miss the software extensions for web tracking with other options, email surveillance in Avast and Kaspersky’s parental controls.

Actually, I consider that all right, because I need nothing else and all that is still overcrowded. But if you look for malware bytes to safely protect the system of someone else, and they are not technologically knowledgeable, this might not suffice.

System & Performance Impact

Mac Premium Malwarebytes created an impact on system performance that we evaluated by running our Excel VLOOKUP custom test that matches 60.000 names and addresses on a table. A 2017 MacBook Air, with 1.8GHz ISO Core i5 CPU and about 54 GB of data packed on a 128 GB SSD, was our evaluation computer.

The VLOOKUP check is done in an average of 3 minutes and 40 seconds, 5 seconds more than without any antivirus software, with Malwarebytes for Mac Premium built in our MacBook and no active scans going. This is a 2% passive impact, which can be difficult to notice.

Nonetheless, the passive device impacts of other anti-virus tools varied from 5 to 0% (Bitdefender) from Sophos Home Premium, putting malware bytes in between. However, this is great news for Mac users overall: you will never know that the anti-virus software is in service most of the time.


Malwarebytes for Mac Premium is an app that is well-developed and can conveniently utilize search keys. If you press the menu bar icon or launch the device, the Scan Now function is automatically chosen, which with certain applications is not always the case.

Your current status is reflected in the Malwarebytes main window. A large green mark and “You’re protected” alert shows it’s all right. A side menu gives easy-to-read data, including the latest testing date, as well as the system downloading the latest malware files. Better yet, each check is updated automatically by a click of each option. Below, you can access planning scans directly.

On the bottom, you will see a screen with the main parts, much like most antivirus software. Scan will display your last checked data, Quarantine will show you every Malwarebytes file which is segregated for your safety.

Within Preferences, you can alter the settings to fix potentially unwanted applications–such as adware–as it will give tough time to criminals in Quarantine by design.

Support & Installation

You open https:/ and press Free Install to install Malwarebytes. You’ll be asked to allow multiple Securities in the System Preferences section to allow Malwarebytes entry to your system after your installer file lands on your device and you’ll select the normal process.

You will get a 14-day Premium trial after the device has been activated and you can pay and update at any point during this duration. If you do not, you will not be able to maintain the stability of your device with passive antivirus scanning through Malwarebytes — just the possibility of performing on-demand scans is kept.

The free version of Mac Malwarebytes complements other antivirus brands nicely because it is inconsistent with them and often includes adware or unwanted (but legal) software that may be ignored by other product.

After deployment, Malwarebytes do not demand that you restart the machine, and the whole process takes a normal few minutes.

Malwarebytes provides live chat technology support from Monday to Friday from 4 a.m. to 08 p.m.

Final Verdict

Mac Premium Malwarebytes offers a ton we like— quick scans and low device impact — but it isn’t perfect though. Some premium antivirus software provide parent controls or email security. Malwarebytes merely scans the device, and there is no evidence of malware safety.

Our advice: Execute the 14-day trial cycle and hold Mac’s free malware bytes running for antivirus applications certain labels. Generally, Mac Premium malware bytes are a choice for those who are searching for a hands-off approach, but Mac Bitdefender Antivirus is the best, safest (free or paid) Mac antivirus software.

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