Avast Mobile Security Review: Manage Your Phone’s Privacy

Published on October 31, 2019

Avast Mobile Security is an application for android powered phones. The antivirus presents the user with a variety of features. The free version of the app shows a lot of advertisements. Still the security app is cheaper than many other anti-viruses. The call blocking feature does not work and the anti-theft feature also did not work.

Price and Package:

The Avast Malware Protection is a free application and is very rich in features. The Pro version of the application is available for $2.99 per month. The pro package can block the adds and unlock the Premium feature. The anti-theft tool is also available in the Pro tier. The Ultimate tier of the app is available for $23.88 per year and $8.49 per month.

Malware Protection:

The Avast has a big Scan button that is green colored. The application can fully scant the device in 26 to 33 seconds. The option to schedule the scan is present so that the device can be scanned when it is not active.

Malware Detection:

The app can detect 100% of the 3347 real time viruses and malwares according to the German Independent Lab AV-TEST’s evaluations of Android Security Products that was held in July 2019. The Avast antivirus is similar in performance to the Kaspersky and Bitdefender. It leads the McAfee however is headed by Norton.

Comparatively, Bitdefender is the toughest competitor when you are on
a tight budget. Bitdefender Total Security discounts are available
throughout the year and cover all your devices.

According to Austrian lab AV-Comparatives, in July 2019 the Avast was able to detect 99.9% of real time malfunctions.

Free Security Features and Tools:

The anti-virus offers a great deal of features in text but in application, many of the features are frustrating. While checking the lock the device feature, remote wipe, trigger siren and other features the app had issues in accessing the location of the device. The app could not find the phone on the same Wi-Fi, there is perhaps less chance of finding it when lost.

The application is unable to turn the written feature of the call blockage into reality and thus the phone numbers that are blocked are somehow able to call.

The photo vault feature of the app is appreciable. The user may move or send the photos to the Avast app’s photo library to encrypt it and hide it.

The access to VPN server is available in the app through a finger touch however this feature is limited to paid plan.

The Avast Malware Protection Application can give the user an Application usage summary about his phone. The app tells about the time that the user spent on different apps, the permissions that different apps gained and the amount of data used by the apps.

The app allows you to limit the data usage to some apps. Other apps would be able to run on Wi-Fi.

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Premium Mode:

The premium mode of the app provides user with more powered anti-theft feature. The premium mode has overwhelming features like Camera Trap allowing you to take the picture of the person using your phone, Sim Security and Remote Recording of Audio.

The app lock feature would limit the access of some application already chosen by the user to be accessed by other people. The app supports fingerprint and passcode type of security.

Avast Secure-Line VPN:

The Avast Secure Line is a feature that is recently added. The feature can connect your device to a range of VPN servers situated at various places in United States of America and across the world. The VPN service of the app adds $5.50 to the original bill which in my view is not much expensive.

Impact on System:

After installation of the app, the performance of the phone drops only 3.54%. Full scan rate is also superb and post installation performance is quite satisfying.


The setup of the app does not take much of the time. An experienced user can do the whole setup in about 7-10 minutes.

Support for Customers:

The Avast provides its users with the facility of guide books and document plus forums to extinguish their confusions. These documents are available on the Avast.com webpage. The paying customers can access 24/7 call and email customer service too.


The interface of the app had already had a full makeover in 2017 therefore it has not changed now much. The background and the gradient for color is quite simple and easy to use. The size for different buttons is quite big to make the interface easy to use. The app has a little messy look in free tier. The advertisements and upgrading pop ups are very annoying and needs real cool minded people as its customers.


The Avast security application has a really powerful system behind to protect the device form malwares and viruses. The plenty of adds frequently however is troublesome. Some features of the application are not consistent and some do not work from the beginning. The user may opt the Avast for its protection against threats though he would have to compromise on the security and privacy.

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Avast Mobile Security Review: Manage Your Phone's Privacy
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