NordVPN Review: Offers Best Features to Claim “Best VPN”

Published on October 20, 2019

NordVPN offers an anonymous and secure Web browsing service for users. Its features also work well for streaming, geo-blocking and torrenting / P2P. They use the industry standard OpenVPN Protocol and AES 256 bit encryption for their massive database network (5800 + servers).

I will check its server reliability, information security, and customer assistance in this NordVPN analysis, and explain seven reasons why I suggest to use this VPN application instead of a proxy or a free VPN.


This VPN service supports a long list of platforms. It offers built-in applications for all big platforms like Android, Windows, and iOS, Mac. Firefox and Chrome can be protected with native NordVPN proxy plugins. Additional support and software are available for other phones such as MikroTik, BlackBerry, QNAP, Raspberry Pi, NAS, and Synology etc.

These apps are easy to use even for beginners. The web proxy extensions don’t work fully with many other VPN browser plugins, but are still protected against malware, ad blocking and IP leaks.

What you get

With the support of 5,640 servers distributed across 60 + countries around the world, this VPN provides services perfectly. It enables you to simultaneously connect up to six devices and allows for more if you set them up on a compatible router.

Unblocking common geo-streaming channels is an essential prerequisite for any self-conscious VPN service. When you opt-in on this service, you can get safe and unrestricted Netflix content access, wherever you are, using the SmartPlay software of the NordVPN apps (including Netflix for states Japan, Canada, US, Germany, Italy, France and UK), and Amazon Prime, Hulu, Kodi and BBC iPlayer.

Torrenting Supported

Torrenting, though not all servers are P2P-friendly, is supported as well. There are more than many who are, though. You will be able, especially as the service will recognize that you have opened a torrent client and turn automatically to a supporting server.

The kill switch is one of the essential characteristics for a full VPN experience. It’s a system that prevents all internet access violently if the VPN link falls abruptly, effectively preventing leaks from your sensitive data.

There are not one but two kill switches in NordVPN, the standard one and another kill switch, which will only shut down devices you want to use when a VPN connection is broken.

Some features, such as the option DoubleVPN that directs traffic through two VPN servers, are also offered. In addition to directing it via NordVPN networks, you can also turn the Onion on via VPN, which routes traffic through the Onion network. And don’t forget the CyberSec software, which is primarily a phishing, malware, and ad blocker.


AS-256-GCM algorithm with IKEv2/IPSec transfer protocols and OpenVPN ensures military-grade encryption. OpenVPN is enabled by default, if your computer wants to use the Android or Windows operating system. IKEv2/IPSec is the standard for you if you use an iOS app. But between these two, Mac users have freedom of choice.

The zero log policy ensures that the VPN does not store the links, use of bandwidth, traffic information, session information, IP addresses, and other data. PwC, one of the Big 4 accounting companies, has sought assistance to show compliance with the proverb “Practice what you preach. PwC’s non-logging allegations were carried out in a public review and were find accurate.


In terms of performance, NordVPN provides comprehensive results. Download speed and Link times are mostly average, though connection errors occur frequently. The user’s current location and the ones with weaker networks are expected to experience latency in certain places further away.

Customer Support

You can find useful information on the website, if you require support in the download and use of the VPN and are interested in the contents of this service. In the support area, records, accounts, correspondence and questions often answered are divided into general information.

Through browsing the web, you can easily find a forum with many useful and interesting subjects, such as how to delete your LinkedIn profile, the safest iPhone jailbreaks and more.

You can quickly get there by live chat or e-mail at any time of day and night if you cannot find what you are looking for or rather speak to an expert person working in NordVPN.


Subscription options include one-month $11.95. With annual plan options, it offers one year plan at $6.99 per month, $4.99 per month for two years subscription and $3.49 per month, for three years.

A variety of payments methods are permitted by NordVPN: credit cards, PayPal, Amazon Pay, UnionPay, Alipay and Google Pay. It also supports cryptocurrencies like Ripples, Ethereum and Bitcoin. You can use the latter for additional anonymity. Some of these payment options are available depending on your actual location.

The company’s generous, 30-day money back guarantee without risk supports all plans. You will test all services in 30 days to determine whether you want to use them or cancel your subscription and receive a full refund.

Final Words

The NordVPN provides all features as similar as the biggest VPN elitists offers. It is compatible with many phones, has high security, and its non-logging policy has been independently verified. It can be used for both P2P and streaming torrents.

In contrast to the standard VPN, Onion has its own CyberSec, complements-VPN, and DoppelVPN technologies. It has some small problems, but the general impression is that it is a stable and full VPN service.

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NordVPN Review: Offers Best Features to Claim “Best VPN”
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