AirPods Pro Review 2019: Everything New vs AirPods 2

Published on November 2, 2019

AirPods 2 and AirPods Pro, both gadgets have been developed by Apple. AirPods 2 is a second-generation earbud. AirPods Pro is the latest earbud gadget presented by Apple. Both the gadgets offer excellent sound quality however, AirPods Pro being the latest earbuds offers some more feature than its predecessor. There is a price difference present for both earbuds. The technology used in both gadgets is almost same still some features of the AirPods 2 Pro makes it better than AirPods 2 and of course, more the price, more is the functionality. A detailed comparison of the gadgets is given below:

Design & Comfort

The AirPods 2 offers only a universal fit to the users. The earbuds don’t provide its users with the freedom to customize the size of the AirPods 2 to adjust according to his ears.

The AirPods Pro on the other hand, gives its user the freedom to choose one of the three sizes (small, medium and large). This has been made possible in AirPods Pro through the use of three silicon tips.

Sound Quality

The sound quality of both the earbuds is awesome. Both the gadgets have an ability to take you to another world. The sound quality is solid. However, I must say that AirPods Pro is more expert in tuning out you of his world. The AirPods Pro offers two modes of listening to the audio, namely: Transparency mode and Noise cancellation mode.

Sharing Sound

The Ai and AirPods Pro both offer sound sharing. You and your friend can listen to the same audio without wires as long as both of you have the Apple made earbuds.

Adaptive EQ

The premium feature of the AirPods Pro that is not present in Ai is Adaptive EQ. The Adaptive EQ adjusts the level of sound on the basis of shape of the ear and the type of audio being played, automatically.

This feature is not available in Ai.

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Transparency mode

The transparency mode of the AirPods Pro can be turned on through applying a little pressure on the stem of the earbuds. The sensors for transparency mode can be felt through the finger touch. The transparency mode enables you to listen to the sound in the earbud as well as the world outside.

Noise Cancellation Mode

The AirPods Pro also offers Noise Cancellation Mode. The mode enables you to get cut off of this world and get lost in the audio of the earbud. AirPods Pro’s Noise cancellation sensors uses 2 microphones: inner microphone and outward microphone. The inner microphone cancels the noise from inside and the microphone on the outer side cancels noise from outside. The microphone self adjusts the noise for about 200 times.

The mode transfer can also be done through the use of iPhone’s control.

The AirPods 2 only operates in Transparent mode.

Wireless charging case

The package you get on buying the Ai earbud include the earbuds and a wireless charging case which if you want can not be included, saving you $40.

On the other hand, while buying AirPods Pro, you don’t have the option to whether include the charging case or not. It is always included.

Technology Used

Both of the gadgets, AirPods 2 and AirPods Pro use latest H1 chip that enables real time noise cancellation without much battery loss in AirPods Pro. The number of audio cores used is 10. The Siri responses in both technologies are fast.

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Sweat and Water Resistivity

The AirPods 2 was not water Resistant.

The AirPods Pro, which is successor of AirPods 2, is now water and sweat resistant. One may exercise as well as swim easily while listening to the music or talking to others.


The battery life of AirPods 2 is about 5 hours. An additional battery life is provided through the charging case. The charging case offer 18-19 hours of battery life. Therefore, the earbuds on the whole offers a battery time of 24 hours, including the earbuds as well as the charging case.

The AirPods Pro has the similar battery life timing as the AirPods 2. The AirPods Pro offers 4.5 hours of earbud battery with noise cancelation and 5 hours without noise cancelation. The charging case battery is same as that of AirPods 2 this is 18-19 hours.


It is the general rule of this world that the more you pay, the more you get and the more you want, the more you have to pay. Therefore, as the AirPods Pro offers more features (like noise cancellation and water resistivity) than AirPods 2, it is more expensive than AirPods 2.


As a closure, I would say that both gadgets are superb in realizing of their written characteristics. The choice of which earbud you should buy totally depends on your requirements. If you want it cheap you can opt for AirPods 2. If your priority is noise cancellation or water resistivity, you should certainly go for AirPods Pro. In terms of sound quality, both earbuds are very satisfying.

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AirPods Pro Review: Everything New vs AirPods 2
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