7 Facts And 1 Lie About Apple AirPods Pro

Published on November 1, 2019

Apple launched the latest Apple Air Pods Pro with all the fanfare, and in no time, the gadget has become hot cakes for apparently good reasons. The latest version in the series cost almost $100 more than the previously released Apple AirPods. 

The device comes with a slew of features, but the essential element that has gained momentum is the automatic noise cancellation feature of the invention. The feature is one of the most awaited features and is going to ease the daily commuters or the office dwellers.

Image Credit: Forbes

Apple does allow other earphones to be paired with the device, but in case of the latest update, the device automatically shows up a beautiful animation when it comes to Air Pods Pro. As soon as the lid is opened, a cute graphic pops up and asks for permission to pair with the device. 

Apple and Its Range Of Features

The features do not end here. The Air Pods Pro easily pairs with the in-built smart assistant and allows one to have unique reminders about the latest messages or any other crucial notification. However, to enable the feature, one has to pair the device with the same and make relevant changes in the phone.

Another well-loved feature of the device is the transparency mode. To enable ANC or automatic noise cancellation, both the plugs should be on the ear itself. Even if one of the caps is pulled out, the media gets paused, and the ANC features get disabled. The following mode is known as transparency mode, as you can hear all the external noise in the room.

The noise cancellation mode works like wonder as one becomes inaudible unless he/she is shouting. However, with the transparency mode on, one can hear someone with mild music volumes. The Apple “fanboys” have been celebrating the launch with pomp and show, and the device seems to break all the barriers in the years to come. 

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