Trend Micro 2020 Review: Heavy Scans May Lead to False Positive Report

Published on December 25, 2019
trend micro review
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Trend Micro’s Windows security software packages provide a variety of protective capabilities and many flexible solutions, from gamers ‘ Mute Mode to automated testing scheduling.

But none of the three applications have camera security, and the itchy trigger finger of Trend Micro too often misrepresents secure apps as risky. Malware tests of the programs are very quick but require a lot of overhead that can slow down the PC considerably.

Sadly, for any individual or family with many devices to cover, there is no VPN program, nor an unlimited-device package. These are not necessary to protect the computer, but they are sold as optional additions by many of the top antivirus software brands.

Looking for similar or stronger defense that your machine doesn’t weigh down? Bitdefender offers plenty of functionality with a lighter touch, while Kaspersky and Norton have the highest detection rates for ransomware and the most robust services.


Trend Micro has three antivirus programs for Windows. Trend Micro Antivirus+ Defense is the most common version, protecting against rootkits, malware and attacks online. The browser extensions screen recognized malicious websites and websites for cryptocurrency mining.

It also has a gamer-friendly Mute mode, a phishing tool for the Fraud Buster webmail and a secure browser for the Pay Guard. Trend Micro Antivirus+ Protection for $40 a year protects a single Mac.

The next step is Internet Security Trend Micro, which protects up to $80 with up to three PCs. This provides a privacy monitor for your social media accounts, a data theft firewall to protect sensitive information from escaping your device, a file shredder, a machine optimizer, parental controls, and the Smart Plan Scan, which creates a scanning plan automatically.

Trend Micro Maximum Protection provides a password manager and device protection ($90 for five devices or $100 for 10). This combines the Mac and Android antivirus software of Trend Micro and its iOS protection device into paid licenses.

Windows 7 (with Service Pack 1), 8.1 and 10 operates all three systems. In Android 4.1 Jelly Bean or later, mac OS 10.12 Sierra or later, and iOS 9.0 or later, Maximum Security app for other devices works.

2020 Antivirus – Trend Micro

Trend Micro begins with scanning “signatures” for malware— mathematical snapshots of known malicious programs. Heuristic surveillance searches for symptoms of an imminent ransomware threat, such as odd program activity or malicious code.

Suspicious products are submitted and evaluated to the Smart Security Network of Trend Micro. If a file is found to be a threat, Trend Micro creates a new signature and attaches it to the alerts it delivers to millions of customers many times a day.

The new feature of the Fraud Buster scans phishing scams for Gmail and Outlook messages. Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Apple Safari software plugins restrict malicious websites and search results and also function with the password manager of Trend Micro.

File Shield defends main data from malware, including cloud storage and synchronization services. Mute Mode removes non-critical notifications, alarms, and scans before you play a game or watch a movie. This knows 50 games automatically, and you can add more.

The company’s PC Health Checkup framework optimizes weaknesses by deleting unneeded data and avoiding potentially unwanted programs (PUPs).

Put Trend Micro’s free Rescue Disk program on a USB stick or optical disk if you have a PC with a persistent virus, then restart the PC into a new operating system to properly clean the hard drive.

Performance – Trend Micro 2020

The three systems of Trend Micro use the same technologies for malware detection and vary only in terms of additional features and defenses. Generally, according to independent testing labs, his ability to stop threats is on par with software from Kaspersky, Adobe, Norton and Bitdefender— but there is a limit.

More to the point, the malware scanner of Trend Micro tends to be overly sensitive, sometimes creating a dangerous abundance of “false positive” detections of secure data. “Overturning” detection of malware captures more malware, but it is annoying to the user and risks quarantining or deleting important files.

Trend Micro usually works best with German laboratory AV-TEST among the three independent laboratories whose test data we use. Trend Micro Internet Security performed perfectly in bimonthly evaluations of July-August 2019 and May-June 2019, identifying 100 percent of both previously unseen “zero-day” malware and established, “widespread” malware without throwing up any false positives.

Security Features – Trend Micro 2020

The three Trend Micro antivirus applications, including file less viruses, rootkits, and ransomware, secure you and your computer from spam, phishing, and malware. Trend Micro’s secure Pay Guard software requires encrypted data connection wherever necessary and bans plugins but removes a keyboard on-screen to thwart key logger programs attempting to steal passwords. The Parental Controls contained objectionable material, such as websites containing gambling, illegal drugs or pornography, with Trend Micro Internet Security and Maximum Security ban, and can arrange screen time for children.

Nonetheless, in premium features, all three packages fall short of the mark, missing many upgrades from other security software providers. There is no stand-alone, two-way firewall, although the built-in Windows Defender Firewall can be improved by the Firewall Booster, even though there is no way to adjust it or incorporate laws.

There is no camera or microphone hijacking specific security. And while there is no prerequisite for a professional antivirus package to include VPN service, cloud storage, or backup apps, they are provided by many other companies, although not by Trend Micro.

Final Verdict

Security software from Trend Micro will strike the right balance between quick scans and strong security for many users. However, during tests, it suffers from relatively heavy device impacts and lacks security-minded functionality that are becoming ubiquitous, such as VPN service and webcam support.

Ultimately, the security software of Trend Micro is reliable but unusual. With a far smaller device impact and far more extra features, Bitdefender apps provide equally good security; Kaspersky and Norton applications offer the best safety and a full set of features.

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