Motorola One Macro Hands-On Review

Published on November 14, 2019
Motorola One Macro Hands-On Review

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Motorola One Macro has a superb design. The battery is very dependable. The display is also impressive. The software installed is also nice with a good chipset. The device, on the whole, is very affordable and tempting but the macro camera feature of the device is a drawback. The design is durable, thus you need not to care to much about caring of the phone. The design is simple and cool. The device has the bad features of no provision of NFC and good camera plus the fingerprint sensor at the back is magnetic.


The design of the Motorola One Macro is Clad in plastic. The devices is plastic fantastic, providing the advantages of durability, it does not shatter and also restrain dents. It does not conduct heat or cold like metal. The plastic body is light in weight. The handset is well balanced. It is a strong gadget. The screen of the Motorola One Macro shows minimum flex when pressed. It has a display of 6.2-inch with a resolution of 720 x 1520. It is a lightweight gadget and weighs about186g. It does not have a superb battery. The battery is a compromised feature of Motorola One Macro. You would find a rear-mounted fingerprint scanner on Motorola One Macro. The fingerprint sensor works pretty fine. A security sensor is a nice place for the ‘M’ Moto livery. It is not giving its user the facility of NFC.


The display of the Motorola One Macro is 6.2-inch in length and the resolution provided is 720 x 1520 screen. The screen is pretty bright. Good quality display is provided in Motorola One Macro. The screen has an issue in white balancing. The White balance of Motorola One Macro is not very appealing. On the display, it is tried to provide only screen with a little notch screen extending from corner to corner.

Key features

The main features of Motorola One Macro is a dedicated macro camera and a battery of 4,000mAh with fast charging. The dedicated 2 Mega Pixel camera sensor would focus from distances of 2cm. the display is 720p+ screen. The long battery life of Motorola One Macro makes it handy for a number of applications.


The camera of 13MP main lens and 2Mega Pixel macro lens with 2MP depth sensor seems cool in written but in reality, the Camera performance is consistently poor.

Battery life

The battery life of Motorola One Macro is an attractive feature. It employs a battery of 4,000mAh plus the facility of 10W fast charging is also provided. The battery of the Motorola One Macro would without any extension last for more than 24 hours of moderate use.

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Interface and usability

The interface of Motorola One Macro is not very complex and thus, simple. The device can be used easily. The Motorola One Macro executes on Android 9 Pie, which is the latest version of Android OS. The gadget provides useful gesture controls for different functions’ execution. Motorola One Macro has a fluid interface.

Movies, music, and gaming

The movie watching, music listening and gaming experience is pretty good on Motorola One Macro. The gadget allows headphones to be connected to it via Headphone jack. The long-lasting battery life make Motorola One Macro a device for media. It has to struggle while running high-end games.

Price and Availability

Motorola One Macro is now available to purchase in a price of only £179.99 / AU$299 (around $230). While unboxing, you would find a 10W fast charger and the device itself with a splash-resistant nano-coating. The coating would help you to whip the device in rain.

Performance and benchmarks:

Motorola One Macro has a processor of MediaTek Helio P70. The phone employs 4GB of RAM, lessening the chance of any lags and device stuck. The benchmark score is however average.

Not for the type of person:

The handset is quite affordable and provides a good battery life and many decent and cool specifications. The performance of Motorola One Macro is also somehow satisfying but no one can buy Motorola One Macro for the purpose of photography skills

Motorola One Macro is meant for:

Motorola One Macro is meant for the users who want a long-lasting, easy to use and good-looking handset.

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Motorola One Macro Hands-On Review
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