Motorola E6 Plus Review: An Economic Handset For Economic Users

Published on October 28, 2019

It wasn’t long ago that Motorola was the king of affordable smartphones – the dominance of the Moto G line was long. This has changed since 2013.

In 2019, competition at the lower end of the market is stronger than before, and Asian participants are less in offering attractive options to buyers.

There is no longer enough convincing list of specifications or brand name –users want to feel their device is the best. Accordingly, hardware and software must be combined correctly. This is not an easy task – even if money is not a problem.

Motorola has managed to maintain its position in a growing market segment of £200 / $250 / $350 but has not yet achieved significant success at lower prices.

Is the Moto E6 Plus enough to beat competitors and win our recommendations? Read on to find out.

Availability & Price

The announced price in Europe and UK is £100. Officials haven’t announced the release date for Australia and US yet. There is only one option available in the UK (32GB / 2GB), with silver and red options. On the other hand, in other regions, 64GB/4GB models are also introduced rather than only 32GB/2GB option.


Usually, the asking price of 99.99 pounds means that some compromise has been made so that certain bells and whistles have been cut. The challenge for manufacturers is to shorten the product so that it remains profitable per unit, but does not greatly affect the customer experience.

Motorola is no doubt trying to show with the E6 Plus that they have set the goal of providing a luxurious experience – at least compared to its competitors.

While the back plate is made of plastic, it is a smooth mirror that feels comfortable in the hand. If required, the back plate can be replaced by other color.

Behind the shiny back is a second camera. The main unit is 13 MP and has a 1: 2.0 opening, which is much larger than usual at this price. This is surrounded by a 2MP “depth sensor“, which is basically used to capture portraits more accurately.

On the display design, Motorola is working hard to highlight the “Ultra Wide” look on the front of the Moto E6 Plus. It has a small slot in the back that hides a selfie camera, but the panel is certainly expansive with a diagonal of 6.1 inches.

The inclusion of a fingerprint scanner is also worth mentioning, which is not always under 100 GBP, but is always welcome in a mobile. Unfortunately, if you lose NFC, you will not be able to make payments without contact.

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As mentioned before, the Moto E6 Plus is one step ahead of most price-conscious phones and tries to impress designs from the start.

The shiny back cover plastic is an example. Although attractive, it is also a magnet for smearing fingers. With your bare hands for five minutes, this tool seems to have a fryer – so we recommend using the case.

The interesting thing is that the back cover of the handset is not only removable, but it also hides a removable battery. Not only is it a blast from the past, it also enables “hot-swap” batteries, a real benefit for travelers who travel frequently.

The phone also accepts a microSIM card, not a nanoSIM card – although fortunately there is an adapter in the box. This can be a tactic to attract multifunctional mobile users.

But the whole system is lightweight and well fitted. Our tests demonstrated some flexibility under pressure and showed the potential durability of this design in connection with the removable back cover.

The display features a 6.1 inch ultra wide HD screen and an 8 megapixel selfie slider. On the right side are the volume button and the power button. At the bottom is a mono speaker and a power connector. On the back is the Moto logo and the fingerprint scanner and camera.

Overall, the Moto E6 Plus must be worth more than the actual price. This is a phone that according to most people is very comfortable for everyday use.


As comfortable as possible, every smartphone lives and dies on the screen. With the resolution of 720X1560 and 6.1 inch display, it is not up to the standard. However, due to its relatively large size, pixilation is not a problem. Only those who keep one centimeter from the nose have reason to complain.

However, the display is not so bright in terms of color reproduction. This screen is typical for displays with LCD technology and tends to be more blue than we would like. Unfortunately. No default color settings is included. A rather hacking solution is to always activate night mode, but this is by no means an ideal solution.

Since, the display is not much bright, its brightness is quite good. It can easily be adjusted in day light when you are outside.


Of all the components, the Moto E6 Plus has the most inspired camera by the manufacturer. On the back of the Moto E6, there are two sensors, a 13MP 1: 2.0 main lens and a 2MP depth sensor.

The camera application of the device on this device is relatively “normal”. Relative to the standards set by Apple, it offers an interface that is immediately familiar to most people.

For quick scanning of QR codes, the access to Google Lens is easy. High dynamic range is activated as well as AI mode by default.

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Perhaps the most prominent aspect of the Moto E6 Plus is its battery. Why? Because of the simple fact that the battery can be easily removed. Also, when you will unbox the Moto E6, you’ll place the battery in mobile yourself. For those who are used to managing smartphones before 2016, this is a very special feature with nostalgia.

The performance of the battery itself is good. It has 3,000 mAh battery with low resolution screen and efficient chipset for a long lifetime battery. Thus, on average 12 hours a day, getting up at 7 in the morning and then going home at 7 in the evening will usually use 30-40% battery.

This average is for use of headset to listen to music, calls and messages throughout the day, play some light games and read articles on the internet. If you use the device more intensively, it can empty faster, while lighter users can easily take the second day of device use.

Final Words

It has been said repeatedly that the budget is narrower than before for Moto E6.

However, the Moto E6 Plus stands out from the competition with its sleek, confident design and familiar software brilliance. The camera is “good,” but it’s not better than the others. Constant battery life but not the best. Performance is mostly good, but there are real hiccups and crashes of applications that occur regularly.

In short, this device is versatile. In terms of price, overall competency in each section is a quiet win. For most people, this will prove to be a cell phone that covers more than all the basics, and budgetary users might be very impressed.

Finally, those who want to spend £100 per mobile have a different priority than those who want to spend more than £1000 / $1,000, and this is a strong recommendation for this Moto E6 Plus group.

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Motorola E6 Plus Review: An Economic Handset for Economic Users
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