Microsoft Surface Pro X Review: Not Ready For Primetime

Published on November 9, 2019

Microsoft has launched the slimmest and thinnest laptop of the time. Microsoft Surface Pro X is very refined, thin and light design with a very comfortable typing experience. The laptop named as Microsoft Surface Pro X is an ideal gadget for a very small number of users due to the deficiency of a headphone jack plus you would not find any support for a number of applications. The laptop is good for its slick and well-refined look, comfortable typing and super thin and lightweight. But it is not good for there is no headphone jack present and its performance is not worthy for the price that we have to pay for it. It has just an OK battery life.

The manufacturers have made an attempt at an ARM-based Surface Pro device through this laptop. Microsoft has developed the architecture with the help of Qualcomm. Microsoft Surface Pro X is undoubtedly an attractive looking- and-feeling tablet. Battery life of Microsoft Surface Pro X is just very reasonable for the performance you can get through this device.


Microsoft Surface Pro X is very light to hold and thin to carry. In this version of the series, Microsoft has rounded and trimmed out the classic thinness and weight to another level of  11.3 x 8.2 x 0.28 inches (287 x 208 x 7.3mm) and  1.7 pounds (774g). The laptop is very light, and cam slip very easily, with no difficulty into almost any size of bag-pack.

The gadget has a modern look that feels very closer to the look of a smartphone. When the colors of the laptop are concerned, one doesn’t find much options. The gadget is available in only one color: a matte black aluminum finish paired with a black Type Cover that drops the Alcantara fabric.

In this latest model of Surface Pro, the hard angles of the classic Surface Pro have been discarded. Microsoft Surface Pro X has two USB-C ports but no headphone jack. iPad Pro has also dropped the headphone jack and therefore the company has tried to provide an iPad experience through a laptop.

Typing on the new Type Cover of Microsoft Surface Pro X is very simple and comfortable plus high accuracy for a keyboard cover. There is a drawback of bounce under key presses that is much noticeable than it was before. The ergonomic angle is still there with the new stowaway barrel of Surface Pen Slim.

The stylus presented with the Microsoft Surface Pro X is now flatter to accommodate the new storage and charging functions. The stylus is very precise and pleasing to doodle and drawing with. All the sensitivity censors meet the standard pressure measures.

The display’s palm rejection of Microsoft Surface Pro X is still spot-on. The display of Microsoft Surface Pro is a 13-inch PixelSense touchscreen having a resolution of a 2,880 x 1,920 (267 pixels per inch) plus an aspect ratio of 3:2.


The main rival of Microsoft Surface Pro X is the iPad Pro. Through the ARM-based only Geek bench and video-based battery tests can rundown on the Surface Pro X. the iPad Pro achieved numbers 40 to 50% more than the Surface Pro X in the Geek bench for single as well as multi-core tests. For day-to-day tasks, like checking the emails ran pretty well on the Surface Pro X but if you try to do things that require more strength than those, then the laptop can cause problems. The laptop does offer the functionality to edit photos and other images t via Photoshop.

Battery life

Up to 13 hours of mixed usage time for the Surface Pro X have been promised by the manufacturers, Microsoft. The battery life is counted as most attractive feature of Microsoft Surface Pro X because of its new ARM-based silicon.  However on practical application of video rundown battery test, Surface Pro X did last more than the Surface Pro 7 (6 hours and 2 minutes), the predecessor of the Pro X, but the older Surface Pro 6 (8 hours and 45 minutes) stayed alive for nearly one hour more than this version.

Software and features

One of the many benefits of Microsoft Surface Pro X, one benefit  is the absence of any bloatware, because this Surface Pro is being sold directly by Microsoft. The gadget is not a feature-rich device neither there are a number of key pieces of software present to discuss about. A variety of applications aren’t supported at all because of the underlying processor architecture. The facility of Windows Hello facial recognition is present which is used by the tablet’s infrared, and is as fast and correct as before. You can open the tablet through the Type Cover of the Microsoft Surface Pro X and it would already log us in the Windows 10. You can avail the optional LTE connectivity on the Surface Pro through a nanoSIM slot. This gadget is an always-connected device; however, it costs extra cash monthly.

Recommended if:

  • You need a thin, stylish, cool and light Surface
  • You need an LTE connection in a laptop

Not recommended because

  • Microsoft Surface Pro X is not the most powerful Surface Pro
  • Microsoft Surface Pro X is not the longest lasting Surface Pro

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Microsoft Surface Pro X review
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