Microsoft’s Much-Improved HoloLens 2 is Now Shipping for $3,500

Published on November 8, 2019

Earlier this year, Microsoft announced the launch of its much improved HoloLences 2, and now the product is available for shipping. Today Microsoft is starting the navigation of its newly launched product HoloLences 2. The cost of the HoloLences 2 price is $3,500. The product will be shipped today for those customers who had already pre-ordered the brand new HoloLences 2.

Image Credit: The Next Web

About the much-improved HoloLences 2 

HoloLens 2 compromises of the entire three leading platforms by Microsoft that is Azure, cloud computing, and the artificial intelligence platforms. The best thing about this product, “HoloLences 2,” is that the product can deliver on its cloud and A.I capability even without a secured internet connection. The creator, Alex Kipman, calls HoloLences 2 as the highest watermark of artificial intelligence.

The HoloLences 2 has a feature that it can recognize the user after the user puts on the device and can also measure the accurate distance between their eyes and the shape of the player’s hands. In the headset, Microsoft has set the A.I models that are trained, deployed, and developed to track people’s hand motions and eye gaze. The all-new HoloLences 2 is cable of creating fully articulated representations of the user hand in the 3D model.

HoloLences 2 is a much-improved product which has come up to provide personalized, natural, and instinctual look at hologram when the player uses it. It also allows the users to reach out to resize or reposition through the free option. The product has almost made significant improvements after its arrival. The outcome could track the between the centers of the pupils of the eyes from a distance.

A partner scientist of HoloLence science from Cambridge has also said about the product. He told about the product that it would be impossible to bring the product to the real-world for aligning holograms without eye-tracking. This product is in all a compact of all the best features for its users.

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