Microsoft Surface Go Review

Published on November 29, 2019
microsoft surface go review
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Microsoft Surface Go is a beautifully designed gadget with great performance. It has a very amazing design as well as the quality of graphics is outstanding. Moreover, it is very reasonable choice. Microsoft Surface Go’s display is so beautiful and its speaker is also next level.

Microsoft Surface Go was released on August 2, 2018. It is better than the expectations of all technology lovers. It is a perfect example that the Windows tablets are super affordable with all these great specs. When we have chosen a small and compact size we are already making some compromises in the power and some other internal functionalities but overall it’s a great package for entertainment purposes.

Microsoft Corporation is an American multinational technology company with headquarters in Redmond, Washington. It develops, manufactures, licenses supports, and sells computer softwareconsumer electronicspersonal computers, and related services. It was founded 44 years ago in 1975.

Price of Microsoft Surface Go:

With all these great specs Microsoft Surface Go is affordable. Its prices in the USA are $549 while in Australia it costs $839. In the United Kingdom, price of Go is $839. When you talk about tablets this tablet is considered a high-end tablet. On the other hand Surface, Pro is of $399 with an RAM of 8 GB.

The thing that we dislike that Microsoft sells the essential accessories separately. The surface pen costs $99. On the other hand, Alcantara designed to cover costs $129. The colors available in these covers are burgundy, platinum and cobalt color. A standard black nylon cover is available that costs you $99.

Design of Microsoft Surface Go:

It has such a delicate design with 10 inches of screen. It is very similar to Microsoft Surface Pro but it has been shrunk to a smaller size. It is a lightweight machine. Its weight is 1.15 pounds. It can be easily carried to any place. It is specially designed for students so Microsoft also puts efforts into the design of this laptop.

The thing that gives it a distinct identity is that its edges are quiet round that gives a smooth effect. The device is much similar to its ancestors but the difference is in its size that is much smaller.

The best thing is that flexibility of the device which is amazing it can turn to 180 degrees due to the hinge present. This feature helps the artist who can work on it as a digital canvas. Students can easily take notes on it too.

It has UDB port C as well as a microSD card reader which is not even present in Apple’s iPad. So its storage can be expanded easily. Despite its small size Microsoft managed to give us full-sized keys. It also has a glass trackpad that has great depth than the surface pro. The keyboard experience would be a bit different from the usual keyboard as the keys are very close that means that the location of keys would be slightly different than usual laptops.

Display of Microsoft Surface Go:

Microsoft has designed a bomb type of display for Surface Go. Its display is similar to the display of the high-end device. Surface Go comes with 1,800 x 1,200 pixels. A color-accurate display is present in the Surface Go. Movies, seasons and pictures look amazing on this display. It has a 3:2 ratio aspect ratio. It has pretty large bezels around the display which helps you to grip your device.

 Audio of Microsoft Surface Go:

The audio quality of Surface Go is good. Although they are not a powerhouse it does a good job. It gives a clear sound quality. Even when we played songs in a noisy place we were able to understand the lyrics of songs.

Performance of Microsoft Surface Go:

Microsoft Surface Go comes with Intel Pentium Gold 4415Y CPU, it has an 8 GB of RAM and having 128 GB of storage too.  The configuration of Microsoft Go is not very next level but its good for some small tasks.

The battery life of Microsoft Surface Go:

It got good battery life. Its battery lasts for about 6 hours and 20 minutes with continuous web browsing and brightness of 15 nits.

Final Verdict:

Overall it gives a good experience. It is a super affordable tablet with good functionality too. So grab your hands on this mini version of Surface Pro.

If you have any queries regarding this device or any other device you can ask in the comment section below. Have a happy using!!!

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