LG G9 Review: Exclusive Leaks Of LG G9

Published on January 8, 2020
lg g9 review
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The LG G9 could be unveiled in early 2020, so we would expect soon to start bringing in rumors about the new flagship of LG.

Once they’re done, you’ll find them all below, but we’ve learned or speculated a few things already, so read on for clues about the release date, specifications and features of the LG G9.

We also have a list of what we want from the LG G9 – and in some cases what we don’t want – to make it a substantial improvement on the LG G8. In the run-up to MWC 2020, we’ll probably hear more, as it’s expected that the handset will debut during the tech show late February.

Release Date & Price

The LG G8 was released on February 24 at MWC 2019, so there is a high likelihood that the LG G9 will launch at MWC 2020, running from February 24-27. It may even be announced shortly before that, as sometimes major announcements are made before the series officially kicks off. For now that’s just a guess, as there are no reports about the release date of LG G9 yet, but at least we would expect it to be released in the first half of 2020. Nonetheless, from when it is revealed and when it goes on sale, there may be a few weeks or more, based on past experience.

As far as price is concerned, all we can do is speculate, but for $819 (around £ 640/AU$1,200) the LG G8 was launched, so the G9 could have a similar price.

Rumors  about LG G9

The details of LG G9 are ambiguous so far, but there are some gossips about LG G9 or mighty be these are the expectations by the experts

One report shows a physically free LG phone which depicts that it would be an attempt to make the phone smarter and slimmer. Moreover it also includes an interesting point that for the very first time a quad-lens camera is to be introduced in LG Phone.

Similarly according to another patent shows that a camera with a ring around, might be zoom lens, is introduced in the phone. Below you can see pictures of both of these designs.

What are the Expectation of the Users?

The LG G8 is a phone that’s very good, very faulty. We want something just as interesting for the G9, but without the drawbacks. The following suggestions might help upcoming phone to capture the market

Hole-less Speaker

The LG G8 has a range of groundbreaking features, of which the holeless vibrating Crystal Sound Speaker is arguably the most popular.

It eliminates the top speaker effectively and instead allows audio to vibrate through the display and our experiments performed well. LG argues that this also makes the handset waterproof

Palm reorganization / Hand ID Concept

Previously in LG G8 an experiment was done, Hand ID/Palm ID, and that is quite successful. It is a feature that allows the phone to read the pattern of blood in your veins and use it to identify you and thus unlock the handset. So it’s an alternative to a facial recognition or fingerprint scanner.

It sounds cool on paper, but we found it to be barely functional in reality. But even if it performed reliably, we’re not convinced it would be a ton of an improvement to the current biometric security options, so we’d like to see it dismantled.

In-Display Camera

An in-screen camera is an exciting new feature we’d like to see LG attach for the LG G9. Coupled with the holeless speaker that could allow a truly bezel-free design that would be good, particularly since the LG G8 has quite large bezels in reality.

Improve Design

If we think about the design, we’d like to see that all-round change. The LG G8 looks rather ordinary, not visually standing out from many flagships or even matching them. It would be a good start to get rid of the notch, but we would really like a design that wows us. This would support the first impression of the LG G9.

Battery Life

The LG G8 has a battery of 3,500mAh, which is by flagship standards on the small side and has contributed to unsurprisingly mediocre life in our time with the phone. The LG G8X ThinQ (a kind of successor) improved the battery pack to 4,000mAh, so there’s potential the LG G9’s might be larger, but 4,000mAh is the least we’d like.

New Features

As much as we continue to hit and miss LG’s handset developments, we admire the company for trying, as it almost always makes its flagships stand out. We want this to start with the LG G9, so that we want something different and that we never saw on the phone before, as well as a return from the holeless speaker. Admittedly, this often results in as much disappointment (Hand ID) as achievements (Crystal Sound Speaker), but LG still has a way to stay special.

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