Hands-on Review: AcerMate X5 Thin and Light Laptop

Published on November 5, 2019

The Acer TravelMate X5 is a gadget of importance mainly for the businessmen or the customers who prefer portability the most. The gadget weight light. The Acer TravelMate X5 uses fast processor and offers great processing speed. The display is a little off and less compatible with the CPU. The battery life could not cop up with the timing provided by the manufacturers in text. The design is satisfying but the company could have offered more. The main purpose of the development of this gadget was to ensure smooth portability and I must say that the company has reached very close to their aim.

Price & Availability:

The Acer products are available to the world. The company’s product is used almost in all regions and in every country. The Acer TravelMate X5 product of the company is, however, a B2B product, thus it can be bought via direct connection with the sales team of the company. The product is not available on the website of Acer.

Easy to carry:

The main motivation of the creation of this gadget has been achieved through giving this Acer TravelMate X5 a weight less than a kilogram. The gadget is very slim and thin and therefore can be transported through sleeves instead of the laptop bag.

Rigidity of Acer TravelMate X5:

The slim and thin design of Acer TravelMate X5 has compromised over the rigidity of the gadget. The Acer TravelMate X5 cannot endure much of the abuse. In other words, the gadget is something we call delicate. The screen of the laptop is 6mm thick and therefore applying some pressure on the screen can disturb the electronics sitting within the laptop. The laptop thus requires extra care from damage instances.


The CPU that has been used in this laptop is manufactured by Intel. The Intel Corei7 has been fixed in the Acer TravelMate X5. The CPU offers fast processing for business application especially. The gadget can provide more than what is expected from it through the use of its fast processor.


The GPU that has been embedded in the Acer TravelMate X5 is not much compatible with the CPU. A UHD Graphics 620 GPU has been installed in the laptop. The CPU is fast therefore has to wait for the GPU to operate. The gadget is not suitable for gamers, customers who want portability with CAD, 3D modeling or other applications that need better graphics.


The screen of the laptop can be brightened up to 300 nits, which is not very awesome. The display has an IPS panel with superb viewing angles. The screen manages to show 100% sRGB gamut but only 77% in preferred AdobeRGB.  The colors and luminosity across the whole panel are nevertheless appreciating. There is a big gap present between the screen of the laptop and the base of the laptop. The hinge between screen and base gives the gadget an overall flat look and forces one to think of the screen as touch-compatible, however, it is not the reality and the screen is not touch-compatible.


The gadget has 2 A Type 3.1 USB port, 1 Type C USB port, 1 HDMI full-sized port, 1 Power port, and a headphones jack port. All ports are available on the right side of the laptop except for the Headphones jack port.

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The mousepad of the laptop works quite well in its functionality, however, when the look is concerned, the mousepad of the laptop looks a little odd due to its positioning on the gadget. The mouse pad has been placed a little off from the center toward left by 3 cm.


The keyboard of the gadget is superb in functionality and contains small functionality buttons. It is felt that the size of the keyboard’s keys could be increased while avoiding the gap between the screen and base.

Finger-Print scanner:

Below the keyboard of the laptop, there is a Finger Print scanner available for security and privacy reasons.


The battery of the laptop is small in comparison to its CPU. The battery is a 45-watt unit LITEON branded unit. The company says that the gadget can operate for as long as 9 hours, however, in actual application, the laptop could not run more than 5 hours.

Changes in hardware by user:

The laptop can be upgraded manually through a screwdriver. There are 11 screws tied at the bottom of the laptop that can be unscrewed to exchange battery, wifi or Nme PCle (for better storage) with exactly the same parts.

Bottom Line:

The whole above discussion reveals that the Acer TravelMate X5 is a good portable gadget however it is not the best. The main flaw in the laptop is the GPU that is not much compatible with the CPU and the battery timing. The CPU undoubtedly is excellent in its processing. The design of the laptop is cool and flat but there are some flaws in the keyboard and mousepad look. I could not find a reason for the congestion of all ports on the right side. The weight of the laptop is of course very appreciating.

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Hands-on Review: AcerMate X5 Thin and Light Laptop
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