Google Optimizes it’s WiFi Routers to Speed Up Slow Internet Connections

Published on June 17, 2020

Google’s WiFi routers will now better handle slow internet connections. Google is updating Google WiFi and Nest WiFi routers with a new firmware that improves connection performance when using a less-than-speedy internet connection. Gaming sessions and video calls should run a whole lot more smoothly after the update.

Image Credit: [Wikipedia]

The firmware update will improve the devices ability to hop to less congested WiFi radio channels, and it will be much better at devices prioritization. YouTube videos for example, will be less likely to buffer when your connection slows down. There will more than likely also be a few security and stability patches.

This update will reach Google’s routers on their own. So, the only way to know for sure that you got it would be to log in to your routers administration page and check the last time it was updated. This update won’t make your internet any faster, but it will reduce the chances that your home network is the problem.

What does Google WIFI do?

Google Wifi is a mesh Wi-Fi system that you can deploy at home. Google Wifi replaces your traditional router and provides seamless Wi-Fi coverage all over your home. Google Wifi routers work together in your home to expand overall coverage.

How much is Google WIFI a month?

$0. It’s Free. There is no fee to Google. The only bill you have to pay to use Google Wifi is your regular internet connection.

Featured Image Credit: [Wikipedia]

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