Which One Is Better? Galaxy Watch Active 2 or Apple Watch Series 5?

Published on November 19, 2019
Which One Is Better? Galaxy Watch Active 2 or Apple Watch Series 5?

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The Galaxy Watch Active 2 and Apple Watch series 5, Samsung and Apple made two of the best smartwatches this year. In addition to fitness tracking, smartwatches monitor your fitness and health goals. Furthermore, the GPS and smartphone connectivity allow you to be free from carrying mobile everywhere. The Samsung watch fits well for android handsets but it also supports iOS. The Apple Watch is closely connected to Apple’s platform, the iPhone and iOS.

For several days, I tested both of these watches to find out which smart watch is the best to track my practice, sleep, and listen to music and to get messages from mobile on watch. The AU$649, $399, £ 399, is price of Apple Watch Series 5 that is much more pricey than the Galaxy Watch Active 2 AU$549, $280, £ 269,  base model. Should you buy the cheaper watch? Continue to read comparison to know the answer.

Apple Series 5 Watch

The Apple Watch is one of the best smartwatches you could purchase for a long time and is always shown in the fifth generation. FDA-cleaned electrocardiograms and cardiac software, as well as optimized GPS and mobile edition options. Nevertheless, the battery life is not as good as some of its competitors.

Galaxy Active 2 Watch

It is Samsung’s most popular look. GPS is a suitable tracking feature with a circular display, a luminous touch-bezel for you to navigate the watch. It also has an ECG feature, even though this is not currently available. The Galaxy Watch Active 2 runs over Android and iOS, has incorporated GPS and also a cellular option.

Square or Round?

They both have different dials, square and round. The watch of Apple is square, while the watch of Samsung is round. Both comes in 44mm and 40 mm so you can buy according to the size of your wrist.

Active 2 feels luxurious Galaxy Watch and looks like a real watch. The square Apple Watch monitor is more usable of reading text and alerts, on the other side (or handles).

Both watches have touchscreens under color I wanted to use. Of example, when doing an outdoor exercise, you are light and easy to see in direct sunlight. The always on screen display helps you to watch time without any hassle.

As all previous Apple Watch, the Apple Watch Series 5 comes with a digital crown while the Galaxy Watch Active 2 has a touch of bezel. The touch bezel allows you to run your finger round the screen to choose options rather than to use a physical rotating dial on the outside of the watch as on the original Galaxy watch. It’s haptic and very rewarding to use.

The Apple watch comes in multiple straps and various colors. When you pick more expensive items, the price goes up of course. The Galaxy Watch Active 2 only comes in three different colors, either in titanium or in stainless steel.

Where Active 2 pulls ahead, Galaxy Watch Active 2 however is a good watch. Several third-party watch faces are available so you can configure the face to match the outfit colors.

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Tracking & Health Features

The Galaxy Watch Active 2 and the Apple Watch will track an extensive list of exercises. From daily runs to elliptical training and even curling.

I found that my heart rate was both monitored well and readings are similar together, with only 2 or 3 beats per minute variation. Both showed different calories intakes of me. The Galaxy Watch Active 2 still says that I have consumed less than the Apple Watch Series 5 calories.

After about ten minutes of workout, both self-awareness activities were a little more ready to track my walks by the Galaxy Watch Active 2.

There is also a coach for Galaxy Watch Active 2. You can hear auditory feedback to let you know whether the practice you select takes place faster, smoother or at an appropriate pace. The Apple Watch offers your wrist pace warnings, but before you start working you have to decide the preferred rate. The built-in GPS precision is good for the two.

The Apple Watch uses a graphical system to keep an eye on your day-by-day events. I liked the ring system in Galaxy Watch than Apple watch because your success rate is easier to monitor visually.

Other health tracking features like electrocardiogram approved by FDA in the United States and other countries is available in Apple Watch Series 5. In fact, Apple Watch is able to detect drops and call emergency services. The Galaxy Watch Active 2 also has ECG and drop detection; however, no one of these features is still available for use.

Galaxy Watch is compatible with iOS

Galaxy watch is compatible with iOS. But a few drawbacks exist: no Samsung pay and LTE, and responding messages is a little tough. But you can still log training sessions, get alerts and use many intelligent apps. The best way for me to test the Galaxy Watch Active 2 is using a Galaxy phone, but when paired with other Android devices, including Pixel4, I had no major problems.

Battery Life

You don’t get a great battery life in both and you’ll need to charge them, depending on use and size, either at the end of the day or every other day. The Galaxy Watch Active 2 supports wireless charging on Samsung-compatible devices like the Galaxy S10. If you have no battery in the area, it makes it easier to quickly recharge your watch.

The Apple Watch Series 5 with battery life is a bit better than Galaxy watch and drains a fairly steady pace throughout the day whether or not you work outside in similar conditions. I got 18 hours from the Apple Watch with the always “on screen”.

Final Verdict

It makes sense to get the Apple Watch if you have an iPhone, because it gives you the best experience. However, the Galaxy Watch Active 2 is not immediately to be discontinued as it is a great alternative. It is at least $100 less costly than the Series 5 model. Just be careful that not all of the benefits it provides are eligible. The Galaxy Watch Active 2 will not deceive users of Android in terms of performance and features, however, it’s not that good for iOS users.

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