Apple Watch Series 5 Review – One Big Tradeoff!

Published on November 6, 2019

The watch face of the Apple watch series 5 is available in different colors like white, black, pink and blue etc. and different materials like aluminum, ceramic, stainless steel etc. The watch gives a very elegant look.

The bands of the watch are designed in a way that it is very easy to interchange them. The slide on and off easily. You can swap the bands whenever you like. The bands are available in a range of colors and in a range of materials like elegant leathers, flexible nylon weaves, metal band, high-performance Fluro elastomer.

What is new:

Never Sleeping Display:

In this new series of the watch, the company is offering a never sleeping display. Unlike the other watches and previous versions of Apple Watch, the Series 5 is offering a watch whose display is always on. It no longer needs the touch of your finger or arm lifting to wake up. Even when the display is dim, the time is quite prominent, though other apps get dimmer yet legible.

The never sleeping mode of the watch can be turned off to save the battery life of the watch.



Before buying the watch, the customer can opt for whatever metal or color of the watch face as well as the band. Whatever the user likes from what is available on the website, the company claims to provide its customer with it.


There is a number of complications available to choose from. These complications allow you to see more at a glance. The complications allow different personalization of the face of the watch through selecting from a range of applications available on the watch.


In the series 5 of the Apple Watch, the customer is provided with a lot of useful applications. The watch keeps a good record of the heart ECGs of the customers. It notifies the user about the exercise timings and the health app helps him remain fit. Some of the apps available on the Apple Watch Series 5 are discussed as:

ECG App:

The ECG app of the watch can generate an ECG similar to a single-lead electrocardiogram. Such kind of data is very helpful for you and your doctor.

Cycle Tracking App:

The Cycle Tracking app of the Apple Watch Series 5 keep a track of your menstrual cycle, as well an overall view of your health. The watch helps you plan or prevent a pregnancy. The symptoms and irregularities help your doctor and yourself a lot. You can also upload your ovulation test results, cervical mucus quality data or basal body temperature for more information.

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Noise App:

The Noise app of the watch helps you identify the situations where the high sound may impact you. It notifies you about the decibel level of the sound in your surrounding so that when it crosses a certain limit, you may step out plug out of that sounding environment.


One of the main features of the watch is its compass, which has a very high performance. The compass not only tells you the direction but also figures out your face direction and then guides you on the right path.


The facility of using Siri through the watch is available. With this watch besides, you should never feel alone.

Tells Time:

The Apple Watch Series 5 is a watch, therefore its main purpose it to show time. But the watch not only tells the time, it tells time with a style. The watch can be personalized in infinite ways, making you really cool in front of others.


The watch gives you the freedom to listen to any of the Apple Music Library song. The Bluetooth option sets you free of any cable.

Payment or Money Transfer:

The apple has connected its Watch with its Apple Pay application. Thus, now the watch users can pay securely and instantly with just some clicks on the watch.

Independent from Phone:

Except for some setup interface, the watch does not depend on the Apple iPhone for any functionality, unlike its previous versions. Now you can go out without your phone, but watch and yet through its cellular technology, call, text and stream music from anywhere.


The Watch is one of the best watches of the world. The price of the watch is not certain and depend on the material and band you choose. The watch face ranges from $339 for aluminum material to $1299 for white ceramic in price. The cellular connectivity of the watch requires extra $100 and then a monthly data package is applicable.


Apple has set new and very high standards in the manufacturing of the watches through the launch of Apple Watch Series 5. The watch undoubtedly, the best watch yet now. The watch shows us a door toward the future when these smart watches would operate fully independently, without any setup through Smartphone.

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