Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 Review

Published on September 17, 2019

Samsung has launched its new watch, Galaxy watch Active 2. Samsung latest watch, galaxy watch Active 2, is a new addition to Samsung watch series. 

Samsung is the South Korean company making progress day by day in technology. While making mobiles they shift their mind towards making digital watch helpful for the human and easy to carry and operate rather than the difficulty of carrying heavy mobiles. On the start of this year, Samsung has launched its first watch, Samsung Galaxy Watch Active, at a very good price. Samsung Galaxy Watch Active has many features. Now, six months later, an upgraded version of Watch, Galaxy Watch Active 2, is being launched by the company. This watch contains some new features than the previous version. The Watch Active 2 is less of a value buy compared to its predecessor, and a bit harder to recommend to normal users but it’s still a quality smartwatch that we are excited to test out further and know about the usage of this watch and more changes are if possible than made. This digital watch is a hard step to launch and make people aware of this watch. This watch contain all basic facility apps like health app etc. 

Beginning in 2010, the Galaxy series enlarged to tablet computers with the establishment of the Galaxy Tab. Working with the mobile technologies Samsung launch the digital watch Samsung galaxy active watch. This watch contains features like mobile applications and beneficial in carrying having heavy features. After active watch now Samsung launch Samsung galaxy active watch 2. This is the refined version of previous with extra features and some new modification. Galaxy Watch Active 2 is the Korean brand latest attempt to make apple watch competitor for Android. With the passage of time, every technology is growing with advancement. The Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 fulfills the same dual-core 1.15 GHz Exynos 9110 chipset as its predecessor. It packs the same four GB of warehouse and 768 RAM, though the long term evolution models enhance that up to 1.5 GB of RAM.

Features and specifications

Here are some awesome features of Samsung galaxy watch active 2

Design of Samsung galaxy watch active 2

Its design includes some properties like thin, lightweight, and swim-ready, the watch comes in stainless steel or aluminum with a number of faces, brands, and finishes.

Colors of Samsung galaxy watch active 2

This watch is available in the market in different colors like black, silver, gold stainless steel, aqua black, and cloud silver and pink gold aluminum.

The dimension of the watch is 44×44 mm. The weight of the watch active is 44g of stainless steel 30g of aluminum. The connectivity of the watch active 2 is at home, work the gym or on the go. Watch performance includes Run your mobile life from your wrist and store all your essentials. The processor of the watch active 2 is dual core 1.15 GHz. These are the specification and features of this digital watch.

Price of Samsung galaxy watch active 2

The 40-millimeter aluminum Bluetooth model will cost 279 dollars, while the larger 44-millimeter watch will cost 299 dollars. The Bluetooth stainless steel galaxy watch active 2. Bluetooth model starts at 379 dollars. Price of Stainless model starts from $429 US dollars that have a feature of cellular connectivity.

Samsung Galaxy watch Active 2 Comparison with the Previous model

Samsung has taken just six months to improve on the original Watch Active with the Samsung galaxy watch active 2 and then launch in the market with great progress. Samsung  Galaxy Watch Active 2  come in a 44mm weight category, good for those who have larger wrists We liked the raft feel of the Watch Active compared to the heavier Galaxy Watch, and the Galaxy Watch Active 2 is just a changed category of that sight. Galaxy Samsung watches active 2 is cheaper than watching active and affordable. It is also more users friendly and easy to operate comfortably for the normal person to understand and use it smoothly.

There can be now no doubt that the Samsung Company is developing day by day. Starting from the electronic appliances and moves toward the mobile technology that is very vast in this era and now Samsung company moving towards the digital watch earlier the watch active and now with advancement they launch watch active 2. These watches have some core features and launch as an opponent to android containing applications like health facility app etc the price range is affordable and easily understandable and user-friendly. The size of the watch is 44mm easily carrying for the person. It is also used as a tracking device having another number of functions. This is the best technology of the days and useful for mankind lightweight and thin with heavy technology. The progress in the technology now a day’s one day results in the environment full of technology air all around.

technology now a day’s one day results in the environment full of technology air all around.

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Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 Review
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