Everything on How to Play DeadSide

Published on June 10, 2021

DeadSide is a survival game that is quite similar to games like PUBG and DayZ. Once you enter this game, it will appear somewhat simple. But when you move forward in this game, you will understand it’s complicated stages.

The appearance of this game may give you an easy vibe, but it has much more to offer. The buildings here are far more complicated than any other survival game. Moreover, the weapons are very advanced, so mastering their usage will take time.

For new players, all these can be challenging. So, here are some tips which will help you to understand the DeadSide game better. Seasoned players give all these tips and guidelines, so keep these in mind while playing your game.

Tips for playing DeadSide


Looting is the central aspect of this game. You can get tons of valuables and weapons with good loot. The gears are scattered everywhere in this game. You just have to find the best places. Towns are the best place for looting, so check the map and visit as many towns as possible. 

Before you start collecting loot, make sure that you have enough storage space.  


Without the proper gear, you cannot do anything in this game. Getting good gear is quite easy here. Attacking the military base will give you some high-quality gear. You can also get decent gear by exchanging them for other resources. 

Buying gear with game money is also an easy option.


Like everywhere, money is one of the essential things in DeadSide. You can buy water, food, weapons, gear, and bandages with money. Some of the high-quality weapons are pricey, so you need to save money for those. You get so many items on each loot, selling some of them will make easy money. 

Completing missions is another easy way to get money. Just follow the red way on your map to embark on different missions. Some of them can be difficult but you will get some excellent rewards.


Missions in this game are the best way to get loot, but these missions are quite challenging. But if we talk about rewards, these are worth the trouble. You will find four types of challenges – easy, medium, complex, and epic. The value of your reward is dependent on the quality of challenge you have opted for. 

If you want the best rewards, you need to take on epic challenges, but those are impossible to complete without a fully geared team. An army of bots will attack you on each mission, and you need to defeat them all. Another thing of concern here is another player going for the same mission. 

While you are fighting with the bots, the last thing you want is to increase the competition. You will find more about DeadSide missions at Battlelog.co.

Food and water

You can find food and water in different buildings in this game in the form of canned goods and sodas. Sometimes, they become very hard to find. So, you must store them whenever you reach the safe zone. Once you get enough food and drink, consume them as your energy level goes low. 


Like other games, you can craft items using your resources. You can check the crafting menu in the inventory and select any one from the category. But crafting an article takes a little time. During this time, if an enemy attacks you, you will be vulnerable. 

So, always move to a safe zone before you start your crafting.


Wood is essential in this game to make basements. First, you need an ax for chopping wood. You can buy it or get it from loot. Only 4 logs of wood can be kept in a stack, and thus wood takes up most of the storage ages. 

So, make sure you have enough storage containers and inventory before you start collecting wood.


Having land is vital to building a base. But, finding good land takes a lot of time. Your land must be safe from attackers. Once you find suitable land, you need to claim it. If it shows red lines, you cannot claim the land, but you are free to claim it if you see green lines. 

Once you claim your land, you can start building your base.  


Playing in a team makes the game more fun. You can divide your duties among your squad and play together. Making the team is very easy; just press F on the player you want to add, and if they accept your invitation, you become a team.  


These are some of the basic things that will help you to play DeadSide. It is an exciting game, and you can master it with patience and skills. So, keep playing!

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