Review: August Smart Lock Pro Is Worth of Your Money

Published on December 8, 2019


August includes everything you need to install the Smart Lock Pro, you will have to keep the front half of your existing deadbolt from falling down, when the back half will be removed. Only deadbolts separated by the doorknob, known as a single cylinders deadbolt, are compatible with the Smart Lock Pro.

August Smart Lock Pro
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You will have to insert the batteries that are already included and then set up the app to connect the device to your WLAN network after installation of the Smart Lock Pro device. The Smart Lock Pro is round and quite heavy, 3, 4 inches in size and is around 2.5 inches wide from the door handle. An exterior rotating piece allows you to lock and release the deadbolt manually. An upright bar on the turning piece and simple pick & drag can even give you a visual indication of whether the deadbolt is locked.

August Smart Lock Pro app and features

One of the reasons why Doorbell Cam Pro is one of the best video doorbells is the same application controls the Smart Lock Pro. It is efficiently designed August app. In fact, the app allows you to link devices, so you can tap a button to release the door for someone at the door. It takes a few seconds, but seemed to be sufficiently fast for me, and it takes less time for me to get out of bed and release the door.

The display controlling the lock is very easy and simple. There is a big round button that turns green when the door is unlocked and turn red when it’s locked. Settings and the Guest List screen are breeze of cool air in summer.

You can invite other users in the Guest List screen. You will receive a text or e-mail with instructions for August app installation and account creation. You can then unlock your door by using the app on your phone.

Owners can lock and unlock the door, and invite other users, view feed activity, auto-unlock, change the other settings, and remotely control the lock. However, you can just lock and unlock the door if you are guest.

August ecosystem

You can also customize the Smart Keypad access codes with the August software so that others can get their hands on the keypad instead of installing the August app on their smartphones. These access codes can be temporary for example you can use it to let your colleague or class fellow bring something inside the house while you are out or a scheduled task for your pet walker. Especially if you have children or guests, this is very helpful.

The Keypad has a uniquely convenient single-touch lock feature. With only pressing the Enter button I can lock the door. I went instead with the Auto-Lock feature of the lock.

Home integration

The Smart Lock Pro works with the HomeKit of Apple, which allows the lock to be added and controlled by Apple Home App and the iOS Control Center. However, the best feature is that you can make Siri lock or unlock the door for you and ask Siri whether the door is locked. Siri control is the most comfortable in all these capabilities.

Fans of Alexa will appreciate the integration of Smart Lock Pro with the Amazon platform. You can ask Alexa to lock and unlock the door or to get the status when you enable the August skills. Both of these phrases “Alexa, ask August to lock the door” and “Alexa, ask August to check the door” work as soon as you connect Alexa to your accounts of August, allowing Alexa to control the lock. When connecting the Alexa and August accounts you also need to set a PIN code if you want Alexa to open the door. It is also helpful for not letting anyone in your house by just shouting at Alexa. You will have to reset the PIN code if you give Alexa wrong PIN code three times, before Alexa can unlock its door,

The more generic Smart Home skill can also cover your August lock. So you can just say,’ Alexa, lock the door,’ or’ Alexa, check the door,’ without saying ‘ask August’ to lock or check the door. But door cannot be unlocked with Home Skill. You need the personalized August and a set up a PIN.

August Access screen describes further integrations can also be found on the hamburger menu in the August App. For instance, you can check the temperature of your house in August app by connecting your nest thermostat with the app or you can schedule the thermostat to go to a specific temperature when you are not at home. Inside the August app you can also view Nest Cam videos. Additional components include Airbnb and HomeAway, so you can give your guests keyless entry, Logitech Pop to unlock door with Pop button press and Wink and Xfinity Home.

It surprisingly works with AirBnB too. Hosts with August Smart Lock Pro may connect the AirBnB account to automatically send a code to customers that is automatically enabled and disabled based on check-in and check-out times.

Final Words

The August Smart Lock Pro does its job well and has so many flexible settings which makes it is easy to do what you like to do. The functionality of the lock is further enhanced by August’s other products like the keypad and doorbell cam. Its deep integration with others such as Alexa, Google and Siri makes this most connected smart locks we’ve tested so far. Although we wish it had an integrated alarm, August covered the base and locked our top selection with this intelligent lock.

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