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Published on December 12, 2019
Arlo Pro 3 Reeview
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Arlo pro 3 is a very good camera device that has a good quality 2K resolution but the price that it is available in, the customers can find many other better cameras in such a cost. The detail about the features of Arlo Pro 3 is given below but before that a short list of its pros and cons is given as:


The Arlo Pro 3 Security Camera is available in white, ovoid colors. The gadget has a flat and black faceplate. The faceplate measures 3.25 x 3.25 x 2 inches in dimensions. The speaker of the security camera is located at the front under the lens. Above the lens, you can find the microphone. The security camera, Arlo Pro 3, has no legs and gets attached via a magnetic mount. Therefore the camera can be positioned in any orientation.  Above the lens, in addition to the microphone, a motion-activated 6500K spotlight is also situated. The spotlight and the microphone enables the color night videos through motion and sound detection.

The spotlight can be turned off to record the video in grey scale. An 80-decibel siren on the camera beeps through motion, sound or manually. Arlo Pro 3 is IP65 weather resistant device. The device is very suitable for outdoor security. The battery life of camera as claimed by the company is 6 months. The camera can be charged via a cable that connect magnetically to the lower part of the camera. The charging cable is 3 foot in length. The charging cable is USB power block. Longer charging cables of lengths 8-foot or 25-foot can be bought as well. In addition to buying extra lengthy cables, you can also opt to buy external dual-battery charging station, extra batteries or solar panel.

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Video Quality:

The camera offers good but not excellent video quality. It is better than that of Arlo Pro 2 but less than that of Arlo Pro Ultra. The camera shoots good quality video in day. The results were satisfying even in the cloudy days. The motion in the video was a little blur but overall the video quality was quite satisfying. The spotlight helps the camera to capture color videos in night. The spotlight automatically gets powered on when there is some motion or sound. The spotlight can run in three modes; constant mode, flash mode or pulsate mode.

The spotlight can be turned on manually also through the Live View. The spotlilght is a great feature but the videos recorded were hazy and blurred. It had better results in house than outside. When the spotlight feature is turned off, that can be turned off manually, the camera uses 2 infrared LEDs to record the video in grey scale, however the result of Arlo Pro 3 in grey scale was not much appreciative. The videos captured in grey scale were soft and blur.

Audio Quality:

The audio quality of Arlo Pro 3 is identical to that of the a phone. The camera has an audio that is full duplex. The sound is not much loud but audible and clean. Recorded sound is also very clear and clean within 20 feet of range.

Motion and Sound Detection:

Arlo Pro 3 wants to use one of the default modes or create a custom mode to tell it what it should do after detecting the motion or sound. The default modes include; Armed, Disarmed, Schedule and Geofencing. Certain time periods of the day or days of the week can be chosen for the camera to respond for the motion and audio detection. The interface of the arlo application is very helpful and interactive in helping you out in every activity.

Activity Zones:

Up to 5 rectangular Activity Zones can be defined to set camera to monitor. Though this feature could not find its place while the camera shot the video.

Smart Alerts:

The subscription mode of the app provided access to the cloud plan and Arlo Al. through the Arlo Al the camera could distinguish between the animals, vehicles and humans. I tested this feature but the camera could not distinguish between my dog and a human. The camera can also detect the smoke and carbon monoxide emission. The alarms set are T3 for smoke detection and T4 for the CO detection.

Track and Zoom:

If the Zoom and Tracking feature of the camera is activated, the Pro 3 can record at 1080p resolution.

Smart Home Integration:

The Arlo Por 3’s video feeds can be viewed using the commands through Alexa and Google Assistant devices.


Quality Daylight Video

Choice for the color night videos

Obvious audio and sound

Simple and easy to use

Tools for motion and sound detection


No free cloud plan


Night Videos are blur

Login is limited to one device at a time

Subscriber exclusive features

Bottom Line

The Arlo has been a leader in industry in producing quality security cameras. The invention of Arlo Pro 3 is however not adding to the company’s reputation. The camera does not include the free 7-days cloud storage plan and the customer can find a variety of other camera in such a price that way better than Arlo Pro 3.

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