Apple MacBook Air 2019 Review: Its MacBook Air 2018 With Few New Features

Published on December 11, 2019
Apple MacBook Air 2019 Review: Its MacBook Air 2018 With Few New Features
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Apple’s light and slim MacBook is back in the spotlight after a few bloody years shaded by its 12-inch MacBook.

This year, Apple released an updated 2019 MacBook air. So now the MacBook Air is back and not only stronger than ever. It’s also somewhat cheaper than the model from last year.

Back in what many people see as the most affordable Apple laptop, the MacBook Air is in its rightful place. Will the model this year bring the prestigious design of Apple and build quality to the public who are discouraged by the high price of the MacBook Pro?? Let’s find out.

With a few fantastic deals may be hanging over Apple MacBook Air 2019, with a minor price drop, and Black Friday and Cyber Monday just around the corner.

Availability & Price

It was great news for many reasons when Apple first announced MacBook Air 2019. We were not really expecting a refresh first of all. And secondly, the MacBook Air 2019 entry level received not only a refreshment but also a fall in price. It is prices at $1099. This move makes the MacBook Air more affordable than ever, and price increases with updates. This is hardly budgetary.

The MacBook Air 2019 base configuration allows the Intel Core i5 processor with Turbo Boost up to 3.6GHz, with 1.6GHz dual-core 8th generation. It offers 128GB storage, 8GB of LPDDR3 RAM and Intel UHD Graphics 617.

You can also buy a setup with similar specs, but twice the storage (256GB) for $1299.

Apple keeps this big price jump for a rather small amount of extra storage space. It is frustrating that, on the other hand, for just another $50, you can double your XR iPhone storage.

You can get 128 GB version and buy an external hard disk. It would be much more economical.


As with the new MacBook Pro 2019, Apple has not altered its predecessor’s external MacBook Air 2019 design.

That’s great news when you’re a fan of MacBook Air design already. It’s not, however, if you want a bigger update.

It also means that the laptop with 11.97x 8.36x 0.61, weighs 2.75 pounds is the same slim laptop. It is unbelievably light, and though not as light as the Acer Swift 7 competitors. The Apple MacBook Air 2019 is a portable computer that you can easily ride in a bag.

It also feels strong and durable, even though it is thin and light. You don’t have worry about bends and dents and you don’t need to fuss about it. This is because the MacBook Air is made of a great, robust aluminum alloy. It fell short of our expectations by continuing with the same design. Model this year has the same features as the model for 2018.

It is disappointing that the MacBook Air comes complete with only two Thunderbolt 3 ports. The choice of Apple to place the two ports on the left side was puzzling and frustrating.

If one port was placed on each side, the MacBook Air charging could have provided people a little more versatility. Instead, the power adapter must be attached on the left of the laptop in a particular position.

Touch ID is also present, like the previous model, so that you can register with MacBook Air with your fingerprint or pay for things with Apple Pay. There is also the larger Force Touch trackpad, and it feels comfortable to use like the last year model and works extremely well.

The design of MacBook Air 2019 has not much changed. It’s a good thing in some respects–but it’s also unsatisfactory. I hope that the next version of the MacBook Air is as innovative as the original MacBook Air.

True Tone Technology

Perhaps the most notable change in MacBook Air 2019 is the screen that now features the technology of Apple true tone.

We often thought True Tone Technology was not for everyone. For some time now, True Tone was included in MacBook Pros. Photographers, video editors and digital designers who need accurate colors, are frequently using MacBook pros. Despite of being a nice addition to this MacBook’s version of 2019, this feature is not the one that will persuade you to swap your 2018 model for this year.

The screen is the same elsewhere–a Retina display of 13.3-inch with a resolution of 2,560x 1,600, providing detailed and vivid colors. The model introduced remarkably thin bezels last year, which made the screen almost the whole width of the MacBook Air. The display has long been one of the best features of MacBook Air, so we are delighted to see Apple stuck in that successful format, True Tone aside.

In other words, the performance of the MacBook Air 2019 is good but uninspiring when compared to an increasingly strong competition.


One spot where MacBook Air 2019 especially shines is battery life. At this price it overtakes many Windows 10 competitors. In our battery life tests, this year’s model lasts 10 hours.

This involves running a 1080p looped video with a display of 50% brightness. It took 10 hours to drain and depends on how the MacBook Air is used, it is a great achievement. Without charging, you can easily squeeze out more than an entire working day. It is ideal for students who need a laptop with a battery that can last for multiple lectures.

The low power internals and Apple’s more energy efficient software are mainly to be thanked in this respect. If the life of the battery is highest in importance, the performance can be compromised.

The one place in which the MacBook Air 2019 shines out is battery life, outside design.

Final words         

This new model only added a few more improvements since the release of the MacBook Air 2018. True Tone is an enjoyable feature, but it’s not a critical feature. Apple is certainly welcome to deliver more reliability to its keyboard. The new price is our favorite thing about MacBook Air 2019. It’s cheaper to get a MacBook than ever. But this is still a very expensive laptop, despite the price cut.

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