AMD Ryzen 6000 Series Will Be The Worlds First 6nm Chip [New AMD CPUs]

Published on May 27, 2020

Team green is already well ahead of the game with 7nm chips on the market, while Intel and NVIDIA struggle to make 10nm silicon. Now, AMD is going for an even smaller node for its so far unannounced Ryzen 6000 APU. The former CPU underdog’s leaked road map suggests that ‘Cezanne,’ AMD’s next-gen Ryzen 5000 APU, will be released sometime next year (2021). The roadmap goes on to show that Ryzen 6000 Series APUs, code-named ‘Rembrandt,’ will have a 6nm build and will show up the following year.

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Rembrandt will showcase AMD’s 6th generation Ryzen architecture. The leak was posted by @Komach on Twitter, and if it’s legit, the new architecture will host a few notable upgrades, including the company’s move to a 6nm manufacturing process. Like other AMD chips, TSMC (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company) will manufacture this APU. It will utilize the ‘Zen 3 +’ architecture, delivering far better power efficiency and much more performance over current Zen implementations.

Seeing as Rembrandt is an APU (a CPU with a built-in GPU), the graphics portion of the die will use AMD’s all-new RDNA 2 (Radeon DNA gen 2) graphics architecture. In addition to supporting ray tracing, RDNA 2 will also deliver a massive leap in graphics performance. AMD is moving forward so quickly with their designs that they are skipping RDNA 1 as it upgrades from Vega cores directly to the RDNA 2 graphics architecture for the 6000 series APUs.

Other noteworthy features of the new platform include support for DDR5 memory, LPDDR5 (Low Power DDR5 for laptops), PCIe 4.0, and USB 4.0. Unfortunately, AMD will be switching to a new socket, AM5, for its 6000 series Ryzen chips. You can’t blame them for abandoning the AM4 socket at this point, as it has seen dramatic upgrades its performance for each new CPU released for the aging platform.

Also in the roadmap is the launch of AMD’s Ryzen 4000 based APUs, code-named ‘Renoir’. You can expect these to come out in June. After Renoir, AMD will be working on Cezanne mentioned above, which will feature the Zen 3 architecture and a Radeon Vega GPU. Cezanne will fork into a higher-performance family, which will use ‘Cezanne-H’ branding and a low-powered chip called ‘Cezanne-U’ for laptops. Everything mentioned in the leaked slides will work with current AM4 motherboards other than the Ryzen 6000 series.

For low-powered systems, AMD is prepping its ‘Van Gogh’ APU to compete against Intel’s Y-series processors, which will probably be pretty easy. Van Gogh will be an SoC (System On Chip) composed of Zen 2 processor cores and an RDNA 2 GPU with a maximum TDP (Total Dissipated Power) of only 9 watts. This low-powered SoC will launch sometime next year (2021).

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