Amazon Echo Flex Plug-in Smart Speaker Review

Published on November 18, 2019

Amazon Alexa is a virtual assistant developed by Amazon, which is America based multi-national company for technological gadgets. It was firstly used in Amazon Echo smart speaker developed by Amazon lab12. Streaming podcasts, music playback,   voice interaction,  setting alarms, playing audiobooks, and providing weather, sports, traffic,  and other real-time information. Several smart devices are controlled using Alexa.

Amazon offers the amazing home gadget in the shape of Echo Flex. This smart speaker known as Echo Flex is directly plugged in the wall without any wires. When you pair Echo Flex Alexa with its additional accessories it becomes a something bigger. Its two additional accessories are motion sensor of worth $15 and other is Night light of $15. It is a flexible, cheap and decent speaker with the smartness of Alexa.


Amazon Echo Flex is not very slightly. It is a white colored box with 2.8 x 2.6 x 2.0 inch dimensions. The weight of Amazon Echo Flex is 5.3 ounce. It plugs in directly in the wall. The audio quality is not very extraordinary but it has a good speaker so that you can communicate with smart Alexa technology. This rectangle box has a status light, a button for working of Alexa, two microphones, a microphone switch too. There is no volume control of speakers. Amazon Echo Flex has an A type USB port of 7.5 watts which can help you in charging the phone, connecting night light and motion sensors.


Amazon Echo Flex is clearly not designed for entertainment purposes. It has a tiny speaker that will obviously play music for you if you want but just being honest it is not made for it. Amazon Echo Flex work fine when you use it as an intercom while using Alexa’s Drop In feature or while calling another person. Audio quality is fine so one can get an important message or instruction through it.

Amazon Echo Flex Features:

Alexa is an amazing technology about 100,000 skills are available for smart assistance. It will even give you updates about weather, news, sports, traffic and other real time updates. You can simply ask it to turn on your smart light. The users can call from it. It helps you to run smart devices through it. One can set timers and reminders too.

One can turn off the Microphone of Amazon Echo Flex if you do not want Alexa to listen your talk but this microphone do wonders. Just say “wake” and your Amazon Echo Flex becomes functional.

The flexibility it offers by just plugging it in the wall is something very helpful. The USB port also connects the other Amazon Echo devices near it.

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Motion Sensor:

Amazon Echo Flex motion sensor is sold separately. It costs $15 which very reasonable price. This can help you to detect even slight motion in the area nearby it. When motion is detected a small blue, status light shines. Motion Sensor is attached to Amazon Echo Flex by using USB port. You can even made it to send notification to your phone when any movement is detected. Even we can make it to turn the smart light on whenever motion is detected.


Amazon Echo Flex Night Light is also sold separately for $15. The Auto mode automatically activates the light in case of darkness being detected by light sensors. We can change the colors of light as well as the brightness just by talking to Alexa or using the App. There are 16 different color options we can choose.

Amazon Echo Flex is a smart, cheap, compatible gadget that has the smart assistance Alexa. It is such an interesting and compact device than can always assist you. One can easily buy this smart device because of its reasonable price so you should pre-order this device.

You may ask any questions you have regarding Amazon Echo Flex in the comment section below. We will answer them as soon as we receive them. I hope you would have got a better insight of Amazon Echo Flex after reading this piece of reading. Have fun with this little, cute kind of gadget.

Price & Availability: 

Amazon Echo Flex will available on official site of Amazon from 22 November, 2019 but you can currently pre-order the Amazon Echo Flex. The price of Amazon Echo Flex is just $25. Other two additional accessories Night light and motion sensor are of worth $15 each. Amazon Echo Flex is one of the cheapest product with Alexa technology.

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Amazon Echo Flex Plug-in Smart Speaker Review
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