Almost No One is Buying Google Smart Speakers Anymore

Published on November 16, 2019

In 2016 Google introduced its all-new Home smart speaker with the best features, and at that time, it was mostly in demand. But in 2019, almost no one is buying Google intelligent speakers as it can be seen that in the third quarter, the share of Google in smart speakers has nearly fallen off a cliff. Now Google’s share of the smart speaker has dropped from almost a third of the market to only 12% till the date. An overview of the market was published by one of the findings of the newest Canalys report.

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Google smart speaker market share fall off

In 2018 the market share of the Google smart speaker was high as almost 70% of the customer was purchasing from Amazon, but now it has fallen to 12%, which is very less. During the prime day sale during this year a report was generated about the deals it was found that almost 10.4 million speakers were sold during the quarter. And after the Amazon prime day sale, the next online company that is Alibaba also was able to sell a large number of speakers almost 4 million in the second quarter.

The sale of Google smart speaker almost falls during the third quarter, a Chinese brand Baidu and in the fourth quarter Google. Like Baidu was able to make a sale of 3.7 million, and Google was able to make a sale of almost 3.5 million during the sale of Google smart speaker. The overview of the sales shows that the sale of Google speaker is gradually decreasing from quarter to quarter.

Google is gradually giving a poor performance as the shipment of the Google smart speaker has moved only to 7 lakhs during the quarter of the year. It is looking like no is liking to purchase the Google smart speaker nowadays.

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