5 Apps Draining Your iPhone’s Battery

Published on November 18, 2019

Here is the article for all the people out there who are worried about the battery life of their expensive iPhones. The major 5 Apps that are the major cause of the short battery life of your iPhone are being discussed here. You should not be worried about these apps as certain changes in setting can be a lifesaver for the battery of your iPhone.

Some of the most popular and highly-rated apps are the major cause of short battery life. If you want to use these apps and still want the battery of your iPhone to last long you need to apply some simple hacks so it will extend your battery timing. So you people should chill out and enjoy your apps on your iPhones.

These are the major apps that are dangerous for the health of your iPhones Battery:

  1. Facebook:

Here comes the biggest social media app with 2.3 million users called Facebook, which is one of the major apps that drains the battery of your beautiful and expensive iPhones. You do not need to stress about it. With some minor changes in the setting, we can tune the app to such a level where it would not affect your battery so much.

You can simply restrict the facebook app from draining your iPhone’s battery by just turning off internal notifications from the Facebook app. Secondly, you need to turn off location information that is notorious for the battery of your iPhone. Another thing that can save your battery from disabling the background App refresh setting. In this way, Facebook App would not be running in the background. It will also save you from some annoying notifications.

Just apply these little and simple tricks and elongate the battery life if your iPhone so that it can be functional for the whole day.

Here are the steps to turn off Apps notification:

  • Firstly Open the Facebook app.
  • Touch the three-line menu and Choose Settings & Privacy, after that click on Settings.
  • Under the Security option, click on Apps and Websites after that  Click AppsWebsites and Games and then turn off the notifications.
  1. Google Maps:

Google Maps, one of the most useful apps that literally can take you anywhere and everywhere but it has been discovered that this app is very dangerous for the battery of your beloved iPhone.

For proper functionality of the app, a lot of data is required. Global Positioning System, as well as location, feature both works with Google Maps for accurate results. So when all these functionalities are required to run the Google Maps, so obviously it will somehow affect the battery of your iPhone badly. You need to take some simple steps that will help you to use your phone efficiently.

You should stop the auto-updates of Maps when the app is not in use. The users must off the GPS when Google Maps is not being used. Last but not least, one should turn off location information in the phone settings.

Here’s how to adjust your settings:

  • Open Google Maps in your phone’s settings.
  • Click on Location and opt for any given option “Never, Ask Next Time, While using the App or Always”.
  • After adjusting the location, click on Google Maps and choose the notification option.
  • Off the notification, which will stop the app from sending you unwanted notifications.

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  1. Snapchat:

Snapchat, one of the most trending app. It is being used excessively by teenagers. As it is a fun package but it is also very harmful to your iPhone’s battery.

Snapchat Notification algorithm even lets you know when another person is typing so that why as compared to other apps notifications this apps notification system drains your iPhones battery badly.

In addition, there is a location service too that tells the location of users to their friends at the very moment. Although these features attract the users but that is bad for the battery of your phone.

Here are the ways to save your battery while using the Snapchat by changing the location setting:

  • Open the Snapchat App
  • Tap on the profile picture
  • On the next screen tap on Settings
  • Click on “Who Can” and then tap on “See My Location”
  • Choose the ghost mode

In this way, you can turn off the Snapchat location.

  1. Facebook Messenger:

This might have shocked you because Nowadays most people do not use Facebook Messenger for chatting with friends but still, it eats away your battery because of the background app running. One should off the background running of the app and install the latest version of the app which works most efficiently among all. Even Facebook realizes this flaw that is why Messenger Lite is also created which does not badly affect your iPhone’s battery.

  1. WhatsApp:

Here is the App is known as WhatsApp with 1.5 Billion users in 180 countries of the world. It is the highest-rated messaging App in the whole world.

WhatsApp is a user-friendly App but unfortunately, it drains the battery of your phone.

If you are really concerned about your phone battery so try to avoid using this app and find a better alternative that is obviously not an easy task.

So Another way is to turn off the notifications in the settings of your phone.

These simple tricks will literally increase your battery life than usual and you will immediately see the results. So grab your phone and make the necessary changes.

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5 Apps Draining Your iPhone’s Battery
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