Apple Plans a Prime-Like Subscription Bundle, But That Has News+ Publishers Worried

Published on November 15, 2019

Apple is planning to make deals with different service providers as per the publisher to include their content in such a bundle of services. There was a report that Apple is planning to add many services like Amazon Prime for its subscribers until 2020. As per the report in Bloomberg, the Services that Apple is planning to introduce is Apple News+, Apple Music, and Apple TV+.  

Image Credit: Ars Technica

About the bundle of services by Apple

According to Bloomberg, as early as next year, Apple could launch Apple TV+, Apple Music, and Apple News. Recently on November 1st, the company has launched video streaming services. To avail of the services, the company may offer a monthly plan for Apple Music and Apple TV+. Apple has left the door open for the contract with Apple News+ content providers, and as per the report, Apple has included a provision in deals with the publishers. Through the regulation, the iPhone maker could bundle the News+ subscription service with the other paid digital offering. 

As per the source, Apple currently pockets 50 per cent of the money that comes into the Apple News+, and the other 50% is distributed among the publishers depending on their content viewers. According to the CNBC story that was published today, says that since the launch, Apple has not put a lot of weight in marketing and promoting the Apple News+. Due to this, the publishers are already very concerned about the money that has been getting from the News+.

iPhone sales have slowed down due to the market saturation and due to the long-lasting device. Hence Apple is planning to launch a bundle of services to bolster its revenue. Apple is trying to increase and generate its revenue by introducing different services to its users. 

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