Xiaomi Huami Amazfit GTS Review

Published on October 1, 2019

Amazfit GTS is at the forefront of the Huami “smart” fashion line. The Amazfit GTS is available in six different colors: steel blue, desert gold, pink rose obsidian black, lava gray, and orange. GTS offers matching straps with each color version. Huami selects a size that suits all Amazfit GTS, unlike some other smartwatch manufacturers.

It will be available in Europe at the end of September for € 129.99. Now Huami sells its products in more than 60 countries. So pay attention to your area. You cannot argue with the cost of build quality features offered here.

Light but well made

From a distance, you will apologize for confusing the GTS with the Apple Watch Series 4. As soon as you pick it up, you immediately see how easy it is. Without a bracelet, this watch weighs 24.8 g. The founder, Chairman and CEO of Huami, wanted to show that this was 17.5 percent lighter than the Apple Watch Series 4. 44 mm. Smartwatch is 12.1 percent thinner than the Apple Watch Series 4.

Even though the price is affordable, GTS doesn’t consider it too cheap or “cheap”. The back of the dial is quite rough and thrifty, but not when wearing a watch. The belt is made of silicone and is quite comfortable.

The single button shows several cost reductions that have reduced GTS to the sale price. When you click it feels pretty hard, but it turns out to be like a crown-don’t expect it to go through the menu.

The GTS has a gyroscope, ambient light, accelerometer, air pressure, geo-magnet, and Huami BioTracker PPG for heart rate measurement in terms of sensors. There is also a built-in GPS that will delight runners and NFC.

Amazfit GTS High Resolution

Huami, who gave Xiaomi hardware that could be worn, such as the B Mi Band fitness tracker, highlights the look of the GTS. Huami’s boss contacted Apple and Samsung at launch and announced that the GTS currently has the highest resolution on the market.

The screen itself is very nice and the color appears good. Under different circumstances, such as in the sun, indoors or in the office, I didn’t have a problem. The front of the watch has a total of six display areas, five of which can be individually designed. You can also adjust the entire watch circle by switching between presents. All of these adjustments are made in the Amazfit application.

Overall, the screen is one of the Huami Amazfit GTS ‘ highlights and the contact response is good as well. You really won’t have a complaint about the price you pay here.

24 hour continuous heart rate monitoring

Huami’s answer to the increasing need for such health-oriented technology is the BioTracker PPG heart rate sensor. Huami pursues a long-term surveillance approach rather than taking an ECG along the way of competitors such as Apple and Withings. BioTracker constantly measures your heart rate and provides 24-hour continuous tracking. The heart-rate feature is not Amazfit taste however, manufacturers love to experiment. We have already said it and will continue to emphasize it. Don’t be fooled by the idea that real doctors can be replaced by smartwatches.

There are 12 sport modes for fitness enthusiasts that include indoor and outdoor activities. However, Huami manufactures a variety of suitable sports watches and most users will not go to the GTS if they make a proper pursuit of their training seriously. Still good to have it. Sleep monitoring is also available. Here you will find all the important features that you expect from a modern smartwatch.

During my test phase, the sport mode worked perfectly. Outdoor GPS is great. It combines songs quickly and precisely. I have tested special work watches that cost around that do not function as well as the GTS.

On the other hand, heart rate monitors are less successful. There was a time during test period, when I ran, but my heart rate did not change for a minute even though physical intensity increased.

You have to compromise with software

Software is perhaps the biggest drawback of such a wearable device which is more cost effective. Of course, you also have to do it without the App Store. This is a very simple software package compared to Apple’s WatchOS or even Google’s Wear OS.


Huami Amazfit GTS comes with a 220mAh battery. The company says that in simple display mode, when everything is turned off and you use it only as a digital clock, you can extract juice for 46 days by checking the average time 100 times a day. Huami said it would take 25 hours if the GPS was set to constant. Obviously, this can take 10 days with a single daily use. During my tests, these numbers held up well. As usual with smartwatches, it is very difficult to measure battery life objectively, but I have not managed to reach the charger more often than I thought was appropriate. The battery starts from 10 to 100 percent, a little less than two hours when I have to charge it.

Final Rating

Of course, Huami Amazfit GTS is a new wearable interest and there is more than that only at very competitive prices. This watch recently received the 2019 IFA Technical Innovation Award and you can see the reason. The build quality and AMOLED screen are very good and I want to use the GTS as a fitness tracker for GPS sports tracking. The biggest disadvantage is software that is not as complicated as Apple or even Wear OS.

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Xiaomi Huami Amazfit GTS Review
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