Windows 10 Insider (Build 17074): Top features to look out for

Published on January 11, 2018

Microsoft unexpectedly launched another Windows 10 Insider update, this time Preview Build 17074. There are quite a few number of new features expected to arrive with the latest update, including Quiet Hours – which is perhaps the most important one. This feature is designed to dial down notifications automatically if the user chooses the “Quiet Hours” option. There is a host of other improvements – including Auto Filling forms in Microsoft Edge as well.

Windows 10 Insider

According to a report published by PC World, since this is Microsoft’s first Insider build in 2018, it was obvious that it would be a big one. Most of the changes brought about by this update are cosmetic by nature. The Redmond giant also implement changes in the E-books section of the interface to make it come across as more user-friendly and consistent. The company has also rolled out mitigations for Spectre and Meltdown security vulnerabilities. Following given is the complete list of changes that the latest update brings with it:

Quiet Hours

This program works the same way as ‘Do Not Disturb’ features. Upon activation, users won’t receive as many notifications as they might on a regular option. The notifications are restricted to important people and applications.

Auto Fill option

Microsoft has finally added the AutoFill option into its browser. “Microsoft Edge will store your credit card within the browser, and you can select the card from a drop-down menu to auto-populate the information. The CVV info is never saved, though, so you’ll either have to memorize it or haul out the card anyway,” notes PC World.

Improved handwriting recognition box

This is the primary challenged faced by the company for many years now. Thus, they have updated the system with an improved handwriting recognition box. The box is now designed to trigger upon being tapped with a pen on the text field.

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