What’s in the latest Firefox update?

Published on March 15, 2018

Mozilla on Tuesday, March 13 announced the launch of the latest Firefox 59 update. The upgrade is compatible with major platforms, including Windows, macOS, and Linux. As experts rightfully put it – the update is meant to push performance improvements. The trend mentioned above visibly began from the side of Mozilla sometime last year. “Mozilla usually updates Firefox every six to eight weeks; the last time it upgraded the browser, to version 58, was Jan. 23, or seven weeks ago,” notes an online report. Following given are the highlights of the latest Mozilla Firefox 59 update. Take a look:

Mozilla, Firefox

Faster Page Loading Speeds Post Cache Changes

Mozilla kick-started a trend last year, wherein they pushed forward more speed more than anything else. The company continues to stay on track and adds more incremental updates to its latest upgrade. The technology giant also switched on, “Race Cache With Network,” a technology that is believed to alter the standard method of caching pages to memories. “When we detect that disk I/O may be slow, we send a network request in parallel, and we use the first response that comes back,” wrote Valentin Gosu, a Mozilla engineer. “For users with slow-spinning disks and a low-latency network, the result would be faster [page] loads.”

Newer Tab Page Customization Options

The latest update also introduced additional customization choices for the Home page. This change doubled up as the new tab page. Other elements within the new tab page option also include the ability to personalize top site setups. One can even eliminate the Pocket or Highlight sections.

A Push Forward For Quantum Enterprise

Mozilla recently began considering requests from IT admins. Under this initiative, they allowed the volunteers to participate in an invitation-only beta of Firefox Quantum for Enterprise. Through the latest update, Mozilla has continued to apply additional effort into the platform.

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