What is Cloud Gaming and Its Essence for Steamer?

Published on July 27, 2021
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For many streamers recently, cloud gaming has become the most active media for people to use to get a lot of entertainment and their own career. The essence of being able to play games on demand is truly magnificent for a lot of streamers. The convenience could not be any happier as it gives a lot of limitless options on what cloud gaming game you can choose as the library that contains a lot of games are varied in terms of its genres. Combined with the latest technological advancement and ease of use in technological hardware, people can enjoy playing judi slot terpercaya without any difficulties.

Anyway, for any of you who are a novice, what is actually cloud gaming? Simply put, cloud gaming is an online service that enables you to play many games online without having you to install the game or even buy the game to own. You just simply choose what games you want to play and you can enjoy it as long as you want. Having said that, it does not mean playing a cloud gaming game does not come with a price.

The system that runs cloud gaming is when you play a game in the services, the input you type in to play the game is transferred to the remote servers that are far away from your location. This route demands you to have a strong connection to the internet so that when the data is transferred back, you will have no delay on the game. Why such a delay? The game that you actually play is a video that runs on the input you type in. So, you need to have a robust Wi-Fi or 5G connection to keep the video playing game runs smoothly. Depending on where you play the game, the connection speed might vary especially, if you play logically in a suburb area.

Even if that might be problematic for you, you basically do not need to worry about your computer specification. The games played on cloud gaming service does not require you to have an overkill power of computer hardware. Though it may help you significantly when you play triple-A games, you can still play some games smoothly without having the brawny specs of a computer. Plus, as it does not concern the specs of a computer that much, it means you can play every game on your laptops, computers, phones, and others.

Though it may be fun to utilize cloud gaming service, there are actually many matters that might turn your gaming experience dull if you do not oversee these problems. Such problems of this service are as follows.

·       A Strong Internet Connection is a must

No matter what kind of laptops or computers you have, it does not come in your favor if you do not have a durable internet connection. Even if you have a robust Wi-Fi or even 5G, it will slow you down if you are living in the most cornered of your village. However, if you are living in the city, the connection speed might speed up a little to run your game smoothly.

·       Cloud Services Run on a Different Library

In some cases, a cloud gaming game might run on your different library and require you the buy the game for you to play it again. This case casually occurs when you use Google Stadia’s services. Furthermore, you might not be able to play the game unless the connection speed is not quite strong enough for its library to store the data of the game so the game can be run smoothly.

·       Cloud Gaming Strikes a Delay

The worst nightmares for every steamer are a delay. The delay would cause a lag in your game and the gaming experience will not be as exciting as before. So, to make sure it is paid off using cloud gaming service you need to have a splendid connection to the internet so that the input of your video can be transferred smoothly without a problem. This delay might not be a matter if you play a turn-based game that does not require you to react swiftly. It is a different story if you play an open-world game and a shooting game.

·       No Mods for Cloud Gaming Service

You must feel familiar whenever there is an add-on in the game that is originally not there. This mod is customization from any people who can customize the game at their will to get a new experience in playing the game. However, things might get difficult as a cloud gaming game does not support the customization from any parties except the cloud gaming itself. To put it simply, you have to enjoy the game as it is.

The conclusion

Now, you might get the idea of how cloud gaming service has its own merits and the trade-off that comes along with it.

It is worth noted that this cloud gaming is dedicated to literally everyone. If you are a novice or a pro, you can enjoy playing the games provided in the services and maximize their fullest. To make you more informed on the details of the cloud gaming services. Here is a list of recaps about the services.

  1. A cloud gaming game is fit for everyone who does not possess a strong hardware
  2. Cloud gaming services only serves a connection to the internet to run the game
  3. You will not have to worry about installing the game as it does not
  4. There is no need for future updates on the game nor it does for your computers



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