VanMoof’s Makes Its Fastest E-Bike Yet Tops Out At 31 MPH

Published on October 12, 2021
Image Credit: [VanMoof]

E-bike maker VanMoof has released its first ‘high-speed’ model. The VanMoof V is referred to (for some reason) as a ‘hyperbike’ and will be able to reach a top speed of 31 MPH.

Image Credit: [VanMoof]

VanMoof is selling this bike as a car replacement for city life and even longer commutes. The VanMoof V will have thicker tires, an all-new frame design, front and rear suspension, and will feature a dual motor setup, making this an AWD bike. Other features include a Kick Lock for keyless locking, an automatic gear shifter, and something VanMoof is referring to as ‘Turbo Boost.’

Image Credit: [VanMoof]

We are not sure exactly how much range the new bike will have, but we do know it has a 700 Watt battery. For a little perspective, the VanMoof S3 has a 504 Watt battery and can go 37 to 93 miles depending on your riding style and the terrain.

Image Credit: [VanMoof]

E-bike speed regulations vary widely from across cities and nations, so this e-bike will have matching integrated speed settings.

The VanMoof V will cost a staggering $3,498, but you can reserve one for $20.

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