Twitter Now Blocks Advertising From State-controlled Media Outlets

Published on August 29, 2019

Twitter is a social media networking website on which people read and post their messages which are named as tweets. The length of tweets has upgraded to 280 from 180 characters except in some languages. To do tweets, you have to make an account by registering yourself on the twitter website. The use of twitter has increasing day by day.

Twitter Now Blocks Advertising From State-controlled Media Outlets

Twitter Now Blocks Advertising From State-controlled Media Outlets: Image Source

As people started using twitter more and more. Twitter creates a feature and allows its users to advertise their business on twitter. As many people see the advertisement, the business of that person grows accordingly. Users must pay for the advertising of their business. If the business of the user is according to the interests of others that are seeing the advertisement, his business will grow ultimately.

State-controlled media and twitter policy

State-controlled media is for mass communication. State-controlled media is controlled by the state financially or editorially. State-controlled media outlets are the main outlets of any media, and they are the competitors of both cooperative and non-cooperative media.

As twitter ban advertising on state-controlled media outlets. Twitter provides a list of outlets that will be in the conflict of the new policy. The restriction is not only for the state-controlled media but also for the journalists that are laying in the same category. These are some points on which or how this policy will take place

Entertainment news not included

As twitter is also a source of entertainment for the users and it provides entertainment through many means. Keeping this in mind, the new policy will not be applied to the sports advertisement, traveling content or any other advertisement whose purpose is to provide entertainment to their observers. However, if any of the prohibited content is mixed in these advertisements, then these advertisements will also ban.

Falsie news

State-controlled media is the source of spreading false information on Twitter for a long time. The false information is the cause of rage among the people. The law and policymakers of the twitter observed this and took steps to stop this ultimate anger among the people. Twitter wants to provide accurate and trustworthy information to its users. For this purpose, Twitter has taken all these steps to make twitter peaceful to use.

Twitter contacts to companies

Twitter will contact the affected company from the ban that makes advertisement against the policy and asked them to separate yourself from this advertising product. For this purpose, the users have thirty days to think and take any action. After thirty days, they have to face strict action against themselves.

What happens to affected accounts

The accounts that are affected by twitter’s new policy remain able to use twitter services as a social media platform but cannot use the advertising services. These users will off-board from the product advertisement of twitter.

Twitter policy for restricted contents

Although Twitter allows its users to advertise their business to grow their business. Yet it restricted from many types of advertisements to advertise them on twitter. Twitter will not allow you to advertise such products or services that are against the policies of twitter. Details of some of the restricted products or services are given

Alcohol product

Twitter never allows the advertisement of alcohol and alcohol products on its social media platform. Whether the promotion is offline or online twitter restrict its use to advertise alcohol products. Even twitter does not allow any company to advertise on the awareness of alcohol products.

Financial services

Twitter allows its user to advertise financial products and services or related content. But twitter put some restrictions on these types of advertisements. Restrictions depend on the product or services that are being given or the policies of that specific country in which it is being given.

Gambling content

Twitter restricts its user to user to put gambling content on social media networking for advertisement. The restrictions on these contents are based on the policies of the specific country in which it is being seen.

Health services

Twitter put some restrictions on the promotion of health services and pharmaceutical products. Though the restrictions depend on the specific product or services or the country in which this campaign has started.

Political content

Twitter allows you to advertise your political content, but twitter put some country-level restrictions on these types of contents. You can advertise your political campaign and issues on twitter. Moreover, Twitter requires many laws and permission from the countries where they advertise.

Twitter policy for prohibited contents

Twitter prohibits its users to advertise products or services that are globally prohibited. Those you advertise against the policies of the twitter. Twitter act against them. There are many prohibited contents some of the services or products are given below

Copyright products

Twitter will not allow advertising copyright products on its social media platform. Twitter will take strict actions on the lawbreakers.

Hateful contents

Twitter wants to spread love, among others, and this is also the main purpose of this social media platform. If anyone wants to create conflict among people by uploading some hateful contents, then the twitter takes actions according to the policy of twitter.


Twitter blocks the company that advertises the trademark infringing content. As these advertisements are against the policies of twitter.

State media

Twitter will not allow any state-controlled media to purchase an advertisement on a social media platform.

Illegal business practice

Twitter made its policies to stop illegal business practices. Twitter act against those who want to advertise illegal business practice on its social media platform.

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Twitter Now Blocks Advertising From State-controlled Media Outlets
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