There’s a new Apple iOS 12 concept in town!

Published on April 14, 2018

It would be safe to say that Apple’s iOS 11 software is perhaps one of the buggiest software to arrive in years. The software system contains so many bugs that the company decided to delay many of its features that were supposed to come equipped with the iOS 11 software system. The Cupertino technology giant will be providing the same elements in the next-generation iOS 12 software update, which will be released in June at the Worldwide Developers’ Conference. The software update was home to numerous vulnerabilities specific to its stability, reliability, and performance in the iOS 12 system. Therefore, it would make sense for the company not to bring about any specific major design changes. However, there are a new iOS 12 concepts that are doing the rounds of the internet at the moment. The concept was released by graphic designer Amir Estefan in collaboration with YouTube channel Concepts iPhone shows off new features that could help improve the user experience.

Apple, iOS 12


The latest iOS concept looks extremely realistic by nature. However, the software update goes on to feature numerous fixes specific to the problems that went on to appear in the iOS 11 in itself. The Cupertino technology giant will also go on to release an iOS 12 at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) along with the new software updates for Apple TV, Apple Watch and Mac as well. The software update would further go through a prolonged beta testing period. The biggest highlight of the iOS 12 concept will include a list of grouped notifications.

The update will make it easy for users to go through notifications. The latest notification system presents itself in current form. However, even though, many of the iPhone users might not want to admit to it. However, it gets difficult to pass through with the update. Instead of displaying notifications in chronological order, the concept video goes on to show an individual app’s notifications. The information is displayed in the group. Users will also go on to expand any app’s notifications through the use of 3D Touch functionality.

According to the latest report, the next-generation iOS 12 concept goes on to reimagine the Pro mode in the smartphone’s camera system. The iPhone device goes on to sport a Camera application. In the idea, Estefan went on to change the Pro mode interface that allows users to adjust multiple settings through the on-screen sliders. The designer also went on to include a set of improved widgets within the concept itself. The developers enable developers to create widgets that will go on to display when the user 3D Touches an application icon. The system will go on to present essential information without actually requiring the users to open their respective applications.

Meanwhile, the Cupertino technology giant Apple will reportedly be seen increasing the stakes in the smartphone camera battle this year. It appears that Apple’s upcoming iPhone 9 will come packed with three lenses that go on to offer up to x5 optical zoom. The feature is new for Apple’s operating system but is not the kind that has not appeared in the smartphone industry before. Android player Huawei has already carried out the deed by equipping its P20 Pro smartphone with triple lenses. If this turns out to be true, then it will take one of Apple’s most significant steps toward viewing camera systems in a new light. Apart from this – its other arch-rivals such as Samsung might even face intense competition as it is something that doesn’t have yet.

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Apple, iOS 12
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