The Rising Popularity of Betting Apps

Published on November 27, 2020
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It’s pretty obvious that technology has made our lives way easier and has given us access to many things. These days, a huge portion of our everyday obligations can be completed online and in the comfort of our homes. We don’t have to wait in line to pay the bills or go from store to store to find what we need; all of these options are just a few clicks/taps away.

Not only can we complete these obligations, but the online world has also become the best place to search for entertainment. One of the interesting areas that managed to thrive in the past couple of years is the online betting industry. Many sports fans are willing to wager small amounts of money on their favourite teams and players in the search for fun, and possibly a prize.

Millions of people around the world are starting to go online and visiting these online sportsbooks. Thanks to its popularity, this industry has been researching for more ways to improve their services. The most recent innovation was creating mobile apps. So, we are going to take a closer look at the betting apps by explaining why creating them was a smart choice and what are some of the advantages that they have.

Why Betting Apps?

Smartphones have almost replaced desktop devices when it comes to usage. Some research has shown that by 2025, over 70% of the world’s population will only use their phones to access the internet. After all, most tasks that used to require a desktop or laptop PC can now be done with a phone.

Since a smartphone is far more practical in its use as it can be used on-the-go and in just about any position, most people choose to have a good, high-performance phone, rather than a desktop device.

That is the logic that online sportsbooks took into consideration. But, since they wanted to present themselves in the best light and look professional, they decided to create an app for their platforms. The 888 betting app is one of the best on the market and it is a nice representation of how each app in this industry should be.

Professionalism is one of the reasons why sportsbooks decided to create mobile apps, but the advantages that we are about to mention are a reason plus as to why they have become a necessity. Let’s check them out.

Easy Access

Easy access is one of the biggest benefits that all betting fans salute. When it comes to placing bets, it is very important to be as efficient as possible, especially when it comes to live betting. The score in each game can change in a matter of seconds, regardless of the featured sport. Mobile apps allow players to place live and regular bets with just a few taps on the screen, thus increasing their chances of coming out victorious.

And if you think that the apps will not be optimized for use on various softwares, you are wrong. Each app is fully optimized for use on both Android and iOS devices, both older versions and newer ones. It is also worth mentioning that apps will be optimized for the new iOS 14 as well.

Numerous Betting Options

Each betting app has several dozens of sports categories on which players can place bets. Football, basketball, handball, volleyball, tennis, Formula 1, horse racing, and many more are just a fraction of the featured sports. Furthermore, they include many domestic and international competitions, some of which are not available at land-based bookies.

Betting odds are usually higher than the ones at land-based bookies and the payout percentages are far better. The numerous betting options combined with easy access are the perfect recipe for efficiency, easy navigation, and finding the sport that you love to bet on the most.

They Are Secure

One of the biggest concerns that people had with the rise of the online world and online transactions with it, is their online security. As you may know, thousands of people fall victim to these scams each day. Having the necessary cybersecurity is important, especially if you are a platform that deals with transactions.

All players that use betting apps can rest assured knowing that they use the most advanced security system. Betting apps have taken full advantage of the technology at our disposal and made sure that they include an AI-powered security software which keeps the data from players safe and impossible to crack.

Place Bets Wherever You Are

The last great benefit/advantage is closely connected to easy access. Thanks to the fact that online sportsbooks operate globally, you can use their apps to place bets, regardless of where you are You can be on the way to work or on a vacation. A stable Internet connection is all that is needed.

Additionally, sportsbooks feature numerous accepted payment methods which is a great advantage since they can meet all types of requirements. Countries have various regulations when it comes to online transactions and some methods may be forbidden in some parts of the world, and instead of adapting to every single regulation, they’ve decided to include dozens of methods.

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