The OnePlus 8 Can Play Fortnite at an Astonishing 90 FPS

Published on May 29, 2020

Apple’s iPad Pro isn’t the only mobile device that has the performance chops to out-do consoles in Fortnite. OnePlus has set up a deal with Epic Games to allow Fortnite to run at a blazing 90 FPS on its 8 Series phones. This is the first time a phone has had this advantage in the ultra-popular battle royale first-person shooter. GameSpot mentioned that this would kick the graphics detail settings to “low,” but that shouldn’t be too much of a problem. This will be useful if you’re a dedicated mobile gamer, and you’re willing to get fluidity in exchange for pretty visuals.

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OnePlus also has made the Epic Games App (used to install Fortnite and other games by the company) simple to install through its Game Space portal, but that’s exclusive to India for the time being.

In some ways, this is a marketing gimmick. Other phones with high-refresh displays, such as the Galaxy S20 family, are capable of pushing past the 60 FPS limit, as they share similar CPU, GPU, and RAM configurations. This still gives you an advantage over Xbox One X and PS4 Pro players. No matter what their hardware is capable of, they will never be able to go past 60 FPS. Also, it’s important to remember, a lot of people world only have the option to play games on their phones if they play any games at all. This provides them the best experience with Fortnite possible if they can’t afford to buy a powerful gaming PC.

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