The Next Boeing Starliner Test Flight Might Be Delayed For Several Months

Published on August 14, 2021
Image Credit: [Boeing]

It looks like it’s going to be several more months before Boeing is able to make another attempt at a Starliner test flight. The popular airplane manufacturer detached the capsule from its Atlas V rocket and will be taking it to the factory to fix a problem centering around four propulsion valves. This issue was bad enough to leave Boeing no choice but to scrap the second test flight which was scheduled for August 3rd.

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Instead, Boeing is slated to conduct ‘deeper-level troubleshooting’ of the valves at the Kennedy Space Center. Engineers unsuccessfully tried to fix the issue while the Starliner was still attached to the Atlas rocket, but it was a no go.

The bad news is that the next opportunity for a test flight is going to be months from now. Boeing is more than likely going to have to wait until NASA’s Lucy asteroid mission and SpaceX’s Crew-3 mission launch first. That means that regardless of how fast Boeing is able to fix the valves, this issue is going to end up being a rather large setback.

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