The Hummer EV Truck Has an Android Powered Unreal Engine-Based UI

Published on October 22, 2020
Hummer EV
Image Credit: [GMC]

Tuesday night, GM unveiled its new 1,000HP electric Hummer EV. Hold on. Lets pause for a moment. A horsepower is defined as the ability to lift 1 pound, 1 foot in the air, in 1 second. Yes. Literally. By that calculation, a horse has about 15 horsepower. Think about that for a second. Now you are probably wondering why we still use this measurement for power, as it was never accurate to begin with, and now, horses are totally irrelevant. Anyways…

The truck is powered by a trifecta of electric motors. That’s pretty neat. Also, its got an ‘Ultium’ battery. But one of the most interesting things about the new hummer is that user interface it’s got. GM’s new beast-mode electric vehicle sports a 12.3″ main driver display. Also, it has a 13.4″ screen for media consumption. This is the first Unreal Engine-based infotainment system.

The electric Hummer’s system is powered by a multi-core Intel CPU and has 64GB of storage. It runs Android, so that’s like, awesome. GM will also be bringing the Google Play Store to the platform, so that means Google Maps and voice control will make it’s way into the mix.

Hummer EV
Image Credit: [GMC]

One of the coolest things is the gyroscopic feed. If you are driving off-road, (for some reason), you’ll be able to see the balance of the truck and each wheel’s individual position with ease. The pitch-and-roll widget updates in real-time. You will be able to add more widgets later, it’s an expandable system. It’s an expandable system, so you will be able to add more widgets later. If you want to take a look, you can check out this video:

Some of the Widgets in the Hummer EV:

  • Drift gauge (with maximum values)
  • Torque output and Torque Vectoring
  • Chassis ride height
  • Wheel travel
  • G-force Articulation (friction circle)
  • Tire Pressure
  • E-Locker Engagement
  • Pitch and Roll Angles (with maximum values)
  • Compass
Hummer EV

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