The Artificial Intelligence Field Will See Big Things Happening Next Year

Published on October 27, 2020
Artificial Intelligence
Image Credit: [Unsplash/Markus Winkler]

Artificial Intelligence is both exciting and transformational. It’s a computer program, so, there is no mysterious nature to it. It may, at some times, be unpredictable, but it’s a predictable amount of unpredictability. AI is the furthest thing you could imagine from something that is ‘scary’. AI is omnipresent, and it’s about time something actually was. This has been the case for some time now. Whether you embrace, fear, distrust, or, ya know, understand AI, your view of it may change pretty soon because next year will see lots of action in the space.

There are some problems with AI, but if you look a little closer, you will see that those problems actually are with people. People don’t trust Artificial Intelligence because people don’t trust what they don’t understand. For example, global warming deniers distrust the science that undeniably proves it, because they simply don’t understand the science involved. Also, if a machine is loaded with low-quality data, you can expect a low-quality output. 2021, however, is going to see some of these issues resolved. As the average person receives more personal benefit from AI, they will hate it less, regardless of their lack of understanding. 

Artificial Intelligence is going to see all kinds of new uses and will provide a lot of new experiences next year. In 2021, the machine learning envelope will be pushed to the extreme. Next year, the average person’s trust in AI will reach new heights as their personal benefit from the software technique is increased. 2021 is going to exhibit the best of synthetic data. This ‘artificial data‘ will allow developers to create data sets for training AI faster, without the need to access actual data. The powers that be are seeing an increase in user’s desire to prove the worthiness of an AI’s data.

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