Tech Snippet #12: What is RAM and What Does it Do?

Published on December 12, 2020
Image Credit: [ShoeMedia]

RAM is an acronym that stands for Random Access Memory. RAM is a type of high-speed storage that a computer uses to temporarily hold information. RAM is basically your computer’s short-term memory.

RAM is one of the most important parts of a computer system. Having enough RAM is not the only important factor. You also want to make sure that your RAM is fast enough for your needs.

What Does RAM Do?

RAM gives programs a place to store data that they are working on right at that moment. the data is stored in RAM on a short-term basis. Only the information that your computer is actively working with is stored in RAM.

What Speed RAM do I Need?

If all you are doing are office and basic multimedia tasks, then RAM speed really doesn’t matter much. But, if you are doing gaming or any kind of professional design work on your PC, then you are going to want to use the fastest RAM that your computer supports. Something along the lines of 3600Mhz for DDR4 and 2400Mhz for DDR3.

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