Stop people from snooping on your smartphone, here’s how

Published on March 18, 2018

Your smartphone is your property, and you often choose to store your life’s information in it. The mobile device consists of a record of everyone you talk to or message. The smartphone includes your browsing history, emails, banking details and personal images. It is precise to state that you are just one password away from spilling your life’s data to a complete stranger. It goes without saying that it is uncomfortable to imagine strangers snooping into your private information. You can just follow a few steps and ensure that your phone is locked down especially when you are away from it.


Whether it is your roommate, spouse or friend, you wouldn’t enjoy anyone snooping on your device. You must ensure that they don’t get the opportunity to do so. Make sure that you keep the smartphone away from people. Develop a habit of carrying the device everywhere you go. There are applications that use GPS to track a smartphone’s location. Make sure that the GPS system is turned off at all times.


The most basic line of defence in any smartphone is a complete lockdown. Whether you choose a passcode, fingerprint, pattern or Face ID – it doesn’t matter. The best thing to do in such cases is to lock it down completely. Check your settings to see how long your phone remains unlocked before it requires your passcode again. You may want to shorten this time to a matter of minutes to avoid leaving your phone vulnerable if you happen to walk away and go it sitting out.


Why showcase what you are receiving to the entire world? Just opt to hide the notifications from popping up on locked screens. Anyone else looking at your display may see these messages, too, and make judgments about your activity.

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